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  1. BlackJack

    Acer spin 3 - integrated camera failing

    My son's laptop has recently developed a problem with the camera glitching (see pictures below) I have tried searching for solutions online but mostly what I've found is solutions for the camera not being found. I did try uninstalling the device to force a re-install of the driver but that did...
  2. BlackJack

    1/9/18 is just a date

    I was just creating a document at work and part of the standard format is to enter the creation date on the cover page. And there it was, staring me in the face. 1/9/18. Prior to the championships this probably would have put me in a bad mood for some portion of the morning. Except that we...
  3. BlackJack

    Things you've never seen before

    Just now at the game each of the bases got switched out (between the bottom of the 4th and top of the 5th). I have never seen this happen in-game before and have no idea why they did it. Anyone have any idea? And new threads are good for business so post baseball things you've never seen...