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    Can't resize tiny application window - help!

    Below is a screenshot of my Windows 10 laptop at the moment. I have an app called Canon IJ Scan Utility, and I've opened to find its application window is so incredibly tiny that the only thing I can do is close it. (The "window" for the app is in the middle of a blank Paint image, to give you a...
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    The 2021 World Series: Braves vs. Astros

    Oh, yeah. Another chance for an Atlanta team to break my heart. But still...let's talk about it here.
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    2021 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    It's beyond ridiculous that Atlanta gets home-field advantage over Los Angeles despite winning 18 (eighteen) fewer games than the Dodgers in the regular season. And I'm a Braves fan. I have zero expectations for Atlanta in this series, but it's nice to be back in the LCS. And maybe the Dodgers...
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    Commentators are Pathetic (except when they're not): Catch-all Thread

    I reckon there must be an appetite to just talk about good and bad commentators, and indeed specific commentary moments, in a dedicated thread here in the Media forum - no? Several people in the Braves-Brewers NLDS thread were talking about Orsillo's call of Freddie Freeman's homerun last night...
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    2021 NLDS - ATL vs. MIL

    There should probably be a thread on this, even though it's clearly the least exciting of the four Divisional Series. And I have basically zero hopes for the Braves, especially after they failed to score with men on 1st and 3rd and nobody out in the Top of the 1st in Game 1. Oh well.
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    Should MLB players compete at the Olympics?

    Just throwing it out there. I'm expecting to get >90% people saying No - which is why I've included two different "No" answers, the latter meant to indicate a strong depth of opposition to the idea - but I'm also interested to hear why your answer might be No. Is it primarily because stopping...
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    Euro 2020 Day 12 Game Thread: How Will Scotland Narrowly Fail to Qualify This Time?

    England vs. Czech Republic and Scotland vs. Croatia both start at 3 p.m. ET (8 p.m. UK time). England expects; Scotland expects the worst.
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    Away goals rule to be scrapped in Europe? Still needs to be approved by UEFA's executive committee, but the club competitions committee has approved it. This is something I've been banging on about for years, so I'm very happy to hear this...although I know quite a few of you disagree.
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    How would you structure European football? (Super League alternatives)

    I thought about asking this question in the thread about the proposed Super League, but perhaps it would be better as a separate topic. How would you change the Champions League, Europa League and/or domestic leagues and cups to create the best competitive format? You can approach this from...
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    Before the Draft: Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

    Can I get a bit meta about the Pre-Draft Industrial Complex (henceforth "PDIC")? Every spring, I get more and more bemused by the amount of ink that is spilled - digitally or otherwise - on the process of allocating rookies to new NFL teams, a process which is almost certainly much, much more...
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    2021 NCAA Football

    Starting a new thread with (perhaps unsurprising) news that Notre Dame won't be part of the ACC this season: Notre Dame's projected...
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    Super Wildcard Weekend Gamethread

    Someone needed to start this...Bills and Colts kicking off in just a few minutes! (Is everyone ready to get divorced after this weekend?)
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    My D: drive just disappeared...should I open up my laptop to try and reconnect a loose cable?

    I've had my brand new Windows 10 gaming laptop for three days now, and I was copying a bunch of files across to my secondary hard drive (the D: drive) from a portable drive, and suddenly the D: drive just disappeared - the drive on which all of my documents are (but thankfully none of my apps)...
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    Ligue 1 television deal collapses

    I expect this to be a short thread, but this seems like news which has pretty major ramifications across European football - particularly in France, of course, but also with regard to clubs elsewhere looking to buy players at French clubs...
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    2020 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    Welcome to my world, everyone! Los Angeles has to be strongly favored - right? - but if the Braves starting pitching holds up the way it has in the first two rounds, this could be pretty competitive. I'll predict Dodgers in 6, but even then, it's been a pretty good (half) year for a young...
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    The Soccer GOAT - cast your vote

    With Messi potentially on the move and the "GOAT" term being flung around quite liberally, perhaps now is a good time to revisit the topic of who the best player in soccer history is. Use the poll to choose your GOAT, and then list your Top 5 players of all time in order - we'll use the Ballon...
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    2020 preseason game thread (including the Community Shield)

    Aubameyang with a lovely curler to open the scoring for Arsenal against Liverpool in the Community Shield just now. Anyone else watching?
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    Best hockey podcast?

    Looking for a good, NHL-centered podcast to help get me through the playoffs and beyond - focusing more on the league as a whole than any individual team. (Although if there's a particularly good Bruins podcast, that'd be good to know about.) Any recommendations?
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    Racial bias in sports commentary

    This report was just published by a Danish research firm, noting that English-speaking soccer commentators tend to praise intelligence and work ethic more in white players and physical attributes more like power and speed in non-white players:
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    Sports in the time of COVID-19 - general thoughts (not sport-specific)

    The sport-specific forum structure in SoSH tends to make it difficult to talk about issues which transcend multiple sports in one place. But there are some pandemic-related sports issues in particular which cross every sport and league and which I think ought to be discussed more broadly. So...