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  1. paulb0t

    Pivetta’s Return to (Poor) Form

    It never works out in OOTP.
  2. paulb0t

    7/1 Blame Chicago ...

    I think that's called a piss and shit show.
  3. paulb0t

    Jarren Duran: Sunshine In His Eyes Can Make Us Cry

    I mean, they shouldn't really have to, since the potential salary loss and future hurt on earnings potential will pay for itself ten-fold over time. So, it's frustrating to see Duran miss this trip (and future trips, apparently) to TOR because of his refusal to vaccinate – especially as he's...
  4. paulb0t

    Only One Bad Apple

    Outside of this games shit show? Schreiber and Strahm have been elite. Danish and Davis have been reliable. But, even if that's your point, how does putting Whitlock as one arm in the bullpen solve that? Edit: Whether the clock struck midnight on them, who knows. Sawamura and Barnes have...
  5. paulb0t

    Only One Bad Apple

    Very big baseball IQ. Not that Houck has always been great this year. Barnes turning into Brasier's less talented brother, and the loss of Whitlock have turned the pen into a shit show. I don't think pulling Whitlock out of the rotation now is the answer, but they clearly need a reliable arm...
  6. paulb0t

    Only One Bad Apple

    ¿Porque no los dos? The bullpen is absolutely tragic.
  7. paulb0t

    Only One Bad Apple

    Sloppy effort, Vaz.
  8. paulb0t

    Only One Bad Apple

    Apparently, the bad apples spoiled the whole fucking bullpen.
  9. paulb0t

    Yes I think we need a new thread 5/22

    So, the toe hit the bag before the tag, and he dropped the ball? But?
  10. paulb0t

    Yes I think we need a new thread 5/22

    BABIP really hates Franchy today.
  11. paulb0t

    Yes I think we need a new thread 5/22

    Robles blown save. Name a more iconic duo,.
  12. paulb0t

    Yes I think we need a new thread 5/22

    Jackie is so effortless out there.
  13. paulb0t

    Red Sox re-sign Mitch Moreland for 2 years, 13 M

    Does this shut the door on JD Martinez? I assumed the plan was to shift Hanley to 1B FT with a JD signing, but unless they're going to move/cut Hanley, trade JBJ or 10D, this seems to limit options.
  14. paulb0t

    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    Is it safe to cross Stanton off the list? Between Miami's rumored asking price ('shockingly high') and today's Herald report that he likely won't accept a trade to Boston (or St. Louis, for that matter), this bird appears cooked.
  15. paulb0t

    Red Sox Prospect Daniel Flores Dies of Cancer

    Oh my god. I saw the report that he may miss some of 2018 due to an undisclosed health issue, but this is just awful. Out of nowhere, too. 17 years old. Jesus.
  16. paulb0t

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    In 2017 he earned 270m yen, or about $2.4m USD. He also earned 100m yen in 2015 (about 840k), and I'm sure somewhere in between that for 2016. So, he's made a decent amount – although certainly not enough to give up a huge signing bonus unless there's some "future earnings" insurance policy he...
  17. paulb0t

    World Series Game 7: No Tomorrow

    Morton almost died.
  18. paulb0t

    World Series Game 7: No Tomorrow

    Fuckit, get Kershaw a W.
  19. paulb0t

    World Series Game 7: No Tomorrow

    That's interesting.