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  1. loshjott

    Wild Card Weekend game thread (non-Pats)

    Lineup of games (chronological order): (5) Las Vegas Raiders at (4) Cincinnati Bengals (-5.5) Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET on NBC Mike Tirico, Drew Brees (6) New England Patriots at (3) Buffalo Bills (-4) Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS Ian Eagle, Charles Davis (7) Philadelphia Eagles at (2) Tampa...
  2. loshjott

    Adam Vinatieri Announces Retirement

    Adam V announces retirement. "Future Hall of Fame kicker Adam Vinatieri announced Wednesday that he is retiring from the NFL. During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Vinatieri said that, "By Friday, if paperwork goes in, you heard it here first."
  3. loshjott

    The Full Popovitch: Brady (and Gronk) should not make the Miami trip

    OK, clearly this will NEVER happen but it’s fun to discuss. The Miami game has NO bearing on seeding if Pats win in Pittsburgh and split the final two home games. It’s a Monday night game against a chippy defense, and a short week before going to Pittsburgh. Keep Brady home, it makes too...
  4. loshjott

    Wash Post: NFLPA grievance: Patriots doctor put team ahead of patient

    From Sally Jenkins and Rick Maese (link):         I'm not familiar with the details of the Gill situation, though I know he parted ways with the Patriots on less than good terms.    
  5. loshjott

    SoSH 2015 College Bowl Pick 'em

    Back yet again by popular demand...   Join through Yahoo   Follow the "Join a Group" link.   Private Group Group name: #SOSH Group ID number: 4655 Group password: BCSwasbetter   Update coming when picks are available.
  6. loshjott

    The Glorious, Spurious, Hilarious History of the Patriots

    The Pats' pre-Parcells and Kraft years are portrayed as unending woe not because of their overall record but so many signature moments of incompetence and idiocy, or just plain bad luck.   Plunkett under achieving in NE before shining in LA. Pretty much everything related to Schaefer Stadium...
  7. loshjott

    Making the leap from rec to travel baseball - 11U season

    Fellow youth baseball coaches, I'm hoping this can become a semi-active thread to share hints and suggestions about coaching a new travel baseball team. Myself and a few other dads/volunteer coaches took our 11U sons from our local rec league to start a new travel team. We held tryouts in the...
  8. loshjott

    SoSH College Bowl Pick 'em 2014

    Back by popular demand...   Join through Yahoo   Follow the "Join a Group" link.   Group name: #SOSH Group ID number: 7574 Group password: bcs4ever     Pride is on the line....or something.
  9. loshjott

    SoSH College Bowl Pick'em 2013

    Back by popular demand...maybe the NSFW tag will bring in the crowds. Join through Yahoo Follow the "Join a Group" link. Group name: #SOSH Group ID #: 7443 Group password: killthebcs No entry fee No trophy No orange slices Just pride...