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  1. Niastri

    Garrett Richards' simplified delivery

    Garrett Richards with a great start today. Some of the pitches he threw the Mets today were amazing. If he has turned some type of corner, corralling his spin rate or finally repeating his delivery, the depth of the staff just got a lot better. What went right with Richards tonight? Is it...
  2. Niastri

    Magic Number

    With the recent winning streak, and losses from Toronto and Baltimore... The Red Sox now have a magic number of 6 over the Jays to win the division. Shall we count them down?
  3. Niastri

    The Case for Chase.

    In the 3b thread, most posters are estimating that Sandoval and Ramirez are both significant threats to hit $100 million in contracts.  The consensus seems to be that Chase Headley will be signed to a much smaller contract due to his age and less stylish performance.   I think I would prefer to...