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  1. koufax32

    What If…? Red Sox Edition

    I’m a history teacher, so we play this game a lot in my classes. There are a lot of these. My favorite/most frustrating what if involves the infamous Tom Yawkey and his merry band of racist scumbags. What if he had relented or just wasn’t a racist, and signed a couple of players who were...
  2. koufax32

    Is ___________ a Hall of Famer?

    One of the fun parts of MLBTV is watching games and feeds that I’d otherwise never see. I noticed tonight that Zach Grienke notched the 2,700th K of his career. He’s definitely within shooting distance of the magical 3k mark but I’ve never watched him and thought I was watching a HoFer like...
  3. koufax32

    MLB Network Special on Ken Griffey Jr. starts Sunday at 8pm

    Didn’t see a thread for this. Just a heads up for those who are like me and learned to love the game on another level because of watching Jr. His rise cane during the dark days of Red Sox baseball so he was the perfect distraction from the woebegone days of Carlos Quintana and Randy Kutcher...
  4. koufax32

    Just in Case: Let’s Get Nostalgic About the Last 20 Years

    Apologies if this is seen as bad juju. The NFL will never see a run like this again. As Patriots fans, we’ll probably never see anything approaching this again. There were some awesome highs that have far outshined the lows. So wax nostalgic with me what are favorite: 1. Season 2. Moment...
  5. koufax32

    Verlander or Cole: The Sneaky Awesome AL Cy Young Debate

    Was just talking about this with a friend. These guys are so close to each other in so many stats: JV: wins, baa, whip, CG’s GC: ERA, K’s, K/9, ERA+, FIP I assume JV will win with the no-hitter being the tiebreaker for many voters. But should it be? If ever there was a time to split it...
  6. koufax32

    Digging Into a MLB Team's Economics

    This is spun off from a different thread, which is why it seems to start out of nowhere, but it's an interesting topic, I think.-dope edit =============== Forbes has a great rundown of every team’s financial situation. According to them, CLE had a total of $284 mil. In revenue with player...
  7. koufax32

    Let’s Talk About NBA League Pass

    I’m interested in the computer, IPad, mobile device version. Any problems with the streams? What about splitting? Doing so with MLB EI has been awesome with no splitting problems. Users, what’s your advice?
  8. koufax32

    A Companion Guide to the MLB.TV Thread: What Broadcast Teams are Must Listens?

    First, all who suggested getting mlbtv, I salute you. It's been so good I got an Apple TV box just to watch on the 50 inch. I have found myself on the hunt for good broadcast teams. My first foray, other than Dodger home games, was SF. For some reason I assumed the "it is outta here!" guy...
  9. koufax32

    Just For Fun: What Price Would You Pay for Clayton Kershaw?

    Thought about this last night while watching him dominate without his A game. Here are the rules: This isn't"what would LA accept." It's what is the highest price you would be willing to pay? Teams budgetary limits are real including present salary obligations. This is nor an actual...
  10. koufax32

    Tenders, RFA's, and Benjamins: The 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Dwayne Allen back to IND in a roflcopter Osemele to Raiders Malik Jackson to Jacksonville Tamba Hali staying in KC Time to plug in the Soxhop and Singer bots.
  11. koufax32

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Never used it before but am seriously considering it for this year. I've read that there will be a single team option this year as well. I may go that route. I'd like to do most of my viewing on the iPad. So what are your experiences with it? Problems or worries? How often can I expect...
  12. koufax32

    Run the picket fence, but don't get caught watching the paint dry: Pacers to wear Hickory unis in 2

    Very cool imo. I know it was actually the Milan team but this is still phenomenal. If I were a Pacers fan I would absolutely buy one of these. The golden shorts though...not so much.
  13. koufax32

    Fix This Team: A Speculative Alternative to the Roster Shakeup Thread

    This doesn't mean we go into a EEI style trade proposal fest. If you have trade ideas as well as call ups and demotions feel free. Just make it reasonable please. My two candidates for removal from the rotation are Buchholz and Kelly. Kelly is the easy one. Buchholz would probably require...
  14. koufax32

    The Greatest Season Performance to Not Win the MVP Award

    I have a few in mind as I randomly thought about this today. Throw out some discussion. Make a nomination in bold. If enough are made I'll try to set up a poll. Discussions like this are what make this site se one to none. Do your thing SoSH.
  15. koufax32

    Predict the Playoffs

    Winner gets a new car courtesy of Nip. Thanks Nip for making this possible. Go AFC: SD over Cincy Indy over KC SD over DEN NE over IND NE over SD NFC: SF over GB PHI over NO CAR over PHI SEA over SF SEA over CAR Super Bowl: NE over SEA 20-17