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  1. Mr. Wednesday

    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    Strictly speaking, they announced it today.
  2. Mr. Wednesday

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    The ground rules posted on the MLB website don't say. There are other fences described, but not that one.
  3. Mr. Wednesday

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    For my money, given where the yellow lines are, that should be a triple, not a HR, but I don't know what the ground rules are for the fence extending into the field of play.
  4. Mr. Wednesday

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    The Sox were able to sign Varitek to very reasonable contracts, certainly not in keeping with the popular perception of Boras clients always taking absolute top dollar. I don't know what X wants, but Boras works for X, not vice versa.
  5. Mr. Wednesday

    July MLB News thread

    KC just said, "Hold my beer..."
  6. Mr. Wednesday

    Explaining baseball’s next experiment to limit shifts: The ‘pie-slice rule’

    In my mind, the sporting equivalent to banning the shift is the advent of defensive restrictions in cricket (which were enacted for similar reasons).
  7. Mr. Wednesday

    7/9 .._. .._ _... ._ ._.

    There was one other, on a HR by Franchy.
  8. Mr. Wednesday

    6/29 Blame Canada ...

    They rung Vlad up on basically the same check swing.
  9. Mr. Wednesday

    Bruins Coaching Search

    His stint with NU was pretty good at the time, but not nearly to the standard set by Jim Madigan in the '10s.
  10. Mr. Wednesday

    US, Canada, Mexico win joint bid for 2026 World Cup

    It's usually the case that the host is in a fixed spot in the draw (A1, I think). I'm not sure how they'll handle Mexico and Canada... probably divide them among three fixed spots? So they should have the U.S. game sites pre-planned. I'm not sure how much the USSF desires would play into...
  11. Mr. Wednesday

    Game 3, whalercanes vs. 2022 Conn Smythe Winner Jeremy Swayman and the Boston Bruins

    Fortunately, not called. I think it just ended up being a bad change (though I confess I don't know where it crosses over from a stoppage to a penalty).
  12. Mr. Wednesday

    White Sox vs. Red Sox 5/6/22 - 7:10 ET

    The rain tonight is supposed to stay south of the Pike. It doesn't look like there's anything heading toward Boston right now.
  13. Mr. Wednesday

    Game 2 @CAR: Not So Fast

    Pasta hit him pretty hard. But it also looked like Bergeron clipped him on the way by which was what knocked the mask off. NFW it's a major, Pastrnak at least made an attempt to stop.
  14. Mr. Wednesday

    4/23 Whitlock vs Feyereisen; The Start of Something Big?

    It looked like he had a little more time than he thought. He might still be running on a shortstop's internal clock (where he would have less time because of a longer throw).
  15. Mr. Wednesday

    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    I'm going by how thoroughly MSU had shut Denver down through two periods and how many good chances they had during that interval. Maybe that wasn't representative, but it seemed to track with how they had played against Minnesota and previously in the tournament. All of that having been said...
  16. Mr. Wednesday

    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    I think if those teams played ten times, Minnesota State would likely win seven, but they weren't finishing their chances tonight and Denver was. (And the Pioneers were clinical in closing out the game. MSU didn't really sniff a comeback once they went down.)
  17. Mr. Wednesday

    2020-22 College Hockey thread

    There was a ULowell Chiefs jersey circulating on the lower level during the second game. Also a red/yellow Ferris State jersey next section over from me, I'm not sure if that's an older look for them or not. I have a late '90's/early '00's diagonal stripe Northeastern jersey that might be a...
  18. Mr. Wednesday

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Ukraine is tough to decide because of the obvious non-football elephant in the room. I'd say there's a bit of a gap from Wales to Scotland, though. Wales is bottom pot 2 / top pot 3 on ranking, vs. Scotland at bottom pot 3 / middle pot 4. Re Wales' performance recently, I don't think they...
  19. Mr. Wednesday

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I think they can beat just about anybody in the field (Wales included), but Wales' record says they are ~Pot 2 (or very high pot 3) quality. Pot 4 has the biggest variation in team quality, ranging from pot 2 or high pot 3 quality (Peru, Wales, Ecuador) to just happy to be there (Ghana). I...
  20. Mr. Wednesday

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    That's a pretty bad draw for the U.S. for the group, though it's potentially a nice draw for the octos if we should somehow win the group. Wales was one of the two pot 4 teams I really wanted to avoid (along with Peru) as they're playing more like a pot 2 team.