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  1. barbed wire Bob

    Sean Manaea to have season-ending shoulder surgery.
  2. barbed wire Bob

    Amazon pop up ad

    Lately I’ve getting a pop up add congratulating me on winning a Samsung Galaxy and asking me to click on a button to claim the offer. It’s most annoying. I’m on an IPad with the latest OS. I’ve cleared the history and internet data but it still keeps coming back.. anybody else have this issue?
  3. barbed wire Bob

    Error 522

    Lately, I've been getting this message. "Website is offline 522: connection timed out." I also get this. I get the message on my iPad and also a PC running Chrome.
  4. barbed wire Bob

    Effective Velocity

    A coworker sent me this article from SBNation.  It basically covers a theory developed Perry Husband that tries to explain why low velocity pitchers, such as Koji Uehara, are effective.     Anyway, I thought it was rather interesting.