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  1. Van Everyman

    How Much Do You Hate the Shift Ban?

    Ok, this is SoSH. I fully expect this to be a landslide. And we know the two sides to this argument traditionally: “The shift a) Sucks because it’s taking hits away from players and making the game all K’s and homers and b) Is awesome because the game is always changing and, besides, players...
  2. Van Everyman

    Week 18 game thread?

    LOL I suck
  3. Van Everyman

    Setting Up My Own Email Domain for Business

    Here's my story: I have been a communications consultant for 6 years. I'm not a LLC. I don't work with state secrets. I'm a sole proprietor, and most of my work is done through PR firms of which I am a member of their extended team and I work w their clients. I work with a ton of different...
  4. Van Everyman

    Sandbagging and Superteams: What Can Be Done?

    The Athletic just sent out a push notification for an article called “Inside the end of Stan Van Gundy with the Pelicans and the ongoing battle to keep Zion Williamson happy.” It leads with comments about family members pushing to get him traded to another team. Putting aside what people think...
  5. Van Everyman

    Tara Sullivan: What Does the Globe Have Here?

    Reading her column on the hubbub caused a decade ago when Augusta refused to let her into the locker room to interview Rory McIlroy. When she first started at the Globe I felt they were kind of force feeding the “woman columnist who talks only about equality and social justice issues” angle...
  6. Van Everyman

    Bad Coaching Hires

    Ok I fucked up and put this in the wrong thread. But let’s put it here: Mike McCarthy makes me think of coaching hires you knew weren’t going to work out the minute they were made. Who else qualifies for this? Off the top of my head I can think of: Eric Mangini w the Browns Rex Ryan w the...
  7. Van Everyman

    Slightly Annoying Typing Behavior on iOS Safari

    Since Tapatalk broke, I’ve been using mobile on my iPhone, always updated to the latest iOS (13 currently). When I hit return twice while posting it doesn’t automatically capitalize – I noticed this am that the cursor also does some weird jumping around when I hit return in the middle of a post...
  8. Van Everyman

    Peter Abraham: Taker of Globe Sunday Baseball Notes Mantle

    Which of course Gammons tweeted out in typical Old Hickory fashion with a dead link: Actual link is here: A number of us had...
  9. Van Everyman

    Journalists Who Have Blocked You on Twitter (And Why)

    So, I don't tweet much and when I tweet at all, I am usually very polite. But I just saw a tweet from @Chad Finn quoting John Tomase and noticed that Tomase has blocked me. Why? I have no idea -- I've never tweeted about Tomase or at him. I'm not that upset as I rarely read Tomase anyway. But it...
  10. Van Everyman

    Has the "Twilight of the Patriots’ Dynasty" Finally Arrived?

    Charlie Pierce thinks so: Starting a new thread because we are in the dog days of the offseason. Plus, there has been a continuing drumbeat of the...
  11. Van Everyman

    The NFL and Black Quarterbacks

    I found this article in the NY Daily News on my Facebook feed -- it was initially in response to the Josh McCown-Ryan Fitzpatrick Suck Bowl from a few weeks back, the ludicrous Taylor-for-Peterman benching and, of course, Kaepernick. Basically, the theme of the article is that terrible white...
  12. Van Everyman

    Goodell’s Extension: Back to the Mail Room?

    Increasing scuttlebutt that Goodell’s contract extension may be in danger. SoSH favorite Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter with a piece in ESPN describing a call organized by Jerry Jones with 16 owners discussing his fate. They don’t go so far as to say Goodell may get canned but there are def...
  13. Van Everyman

    Resting the stars on National TV

    Cavs sitting LeBron, Love and Irving in prime time against the Clippers tonight. ABC must be absolutely livid.
  14. Van Everyman

    Butler and his next contract

    Well, my question is whether this went from "We have to sign 2 of 3 guys (Collins/Jones/Hightower)" to "We have to sign 2 of 4 guys (Collins/Jones/Hightower/Butler)." I gather Butler is somewhat restricted, but given his continued solid play, I wonder whether from a pure dollars standpoint...
  15. Van Everyman

    Locking Up the Killer B's

    Just saw this in Pete Abraham's (excellent) feature on Xander: According to MassLive...
  16. Van Everyman

    The Erin Andrews Stalker Lawsuit

    Surprised that this isn't getting more attention on the board (it was mentioned in the ESPN thread). Some pretty horrifying and heartbreaking stuff: And this, from ESPN (her employer at the time)...
  17. Van Everyman

    NFL Network's "A Football Life" Series

    Who's watching this? Surprised to not see a thread on this, as I find myself fairly addicted to it. Some episodes are better than others, but there are some amazing ones -- a few that come to mind include Paul Brown, Mean Joe Greene, Steve Largent, John Riggins, and, obviously, the Belichick one...
  18. Van Everyman

    The NFL & Underclassmen

    Ben Volin has a great piece this morning on how the league is trying to screw college underclassmen out of declaring for the draft. Obviously this is just...
  19. Van Everyman

    State of Play: Peter Berg Series on HBO

    Watching the one on the NFL safety right now. Hard to believe this isn't getting more attention. Goodell, Jerry Jones and a bunch of NFL execs discussing NFL safety. Lots of discussion about how they penalize and suspend players and brain and spinal cord injuries. On one hand they're talking...
  20. Van Everyman

    Tony Mazz: The Grass Is Always Browner

    This is a thread I've started and stopped about a hundred times over the years.  Like most posters, I've become accustomed to Boston sportswriters' negativity.  Surely, it was a function of a lot of things, but none more than how painfully the Red Sox lost for 86 years until the fairytale of...