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  1. estreetfan

    NHL Playoff Predictions

    East Tampa over Columbus in 6 Bruins over Toronto in 6 Washington over Carolina in 5 Pitt over NYI in 7 West Nash over Dallas in 5 St. L over Winn. in 7 Calgary over Avs in 5 San Jose over Vegas in 6 East Bruins over Tampa in 6 Caps over Pitt in 7 West Nash over Blues in 6 Calgary over San...
  2. estreetfan

    Thank you, SOSH

    Thank you for starting this thread. I don't post often, but I love this site. I am thinking of my cousin, John Welch. He was a school teacher who also worked for the Red Sox for 40 years up until recently. He now has ALS and it is a tough battle. I am thinking of him. In addition, my Dad...
  3. estreetfan

    3/13- Bruins @ Hurricanes

    What a game! Yahoooooo!
  4. estreetfan

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    I can't wait to wear my Patriot shirts all week in the Los Angeles area! Yahoooooo! Yes!
  5. estreetfan

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2017

    PIT over MIA HOU over OAK NE over HOU Pitt over KC NE over Pitt SEA over DET NYG over Green Bay NYG over Dallas Seattle over Atlanta Seattle over Giants New England over Seattle
  6. estreetfan

    Magic Number

    One! Yes!
  7. estreetfan

    Celtics Playoffs Discussion & News

    Thank you for sharing that article. It was an amazing read! Let's Go Celtics!
  8. estreetfan

    3/8 - Bs @ Lightning (Battle for First Place)

    Is it me, or has Tampa gotten away with some calls?
  9. estreetfan

    NFL Playoff Predictions '16

    K C over Houston Pittsburgh over Cincy Seattle over Minnesota Washington over Green Bay New England over KC Pittsburgh over Denver Carolina over Seattle Arizona over Washington New England over pitt Arizona over Carolina New England over Arizona
  10. estreetfan

    I suck at starting game threads

    Crush the Habs!
  11. estreetfan

    Nate Solder out for the season

    Positive thoughts and prayers for the Solder family.
  12. estreetfan

    WS GAME thread: NYM vs. KC

    Congrats to the Royals and their fans!
  13. estreetfan

    Bruins v. Jets (10/8/15)

    Let's go B's!
  14. estreetfan

    vs.PHI - 3/7/2015

    I'm still pumped! Yahoooooo!
  15. estreetfan

    Bruins v. Stars

    Let's go!
  16. estreetfan

    #4 Parade / Rolling Rally Game Thread

    Will any of the major networks air the parade for the out of towners?  I want to record this and watch it when I get home from work.
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    Are you serious?  
  18. estreetfan

    #4 Parade / Rolling Rally Game Thread

    Same here...from LA!   Yahooooooo!
  19. estreetfan

    The Game Ball Thread: Kiss the Ring

    What did Sherman say to Brady a few years ago?  Hmm?