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  1. The Gray Eagle

    8/11 - Who's Watching?

    Phew, I was actually concerned that we would lose every single game of this home stand, but we prevented that! Huzzah!
  2. The Gray Eagle

    8-10-22 Cowboy Down

    There is the 2022 season in a microcosm. Fuck off, sports.
  3. The Gray Eagle

    FA WAR, what is it good for

    Joe Posnanski wrote about this very thing today: The key question IMO is are you trying to build the most efficient roster possible, or are you trying to win things? An efficient...
  4. The Gray Eagle

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    He only broke one wrist? Whew, could have been worse!
  5. The Gray Eagle

    8/5 at KC

    I don’t even care, I still hate it. I’m just done with Brasier.
  6. The Gray Eagle

    8/5 at KC

    In now to be one of the first ten or 12 people to say we hate bringing in Brasier here.
  7. The Gray Eagle

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    If you are going to talk about the thought process, I think the context of when the deal was made needs to be included. This deal and the Paxton signing were made right before the lockout started. At that time, it looked likely that a significant part of the 2022 season would be canceled. Both...
  8. The Gray Eagle

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    I've always liked Darwinzon and always have a soft spot for guys that come up from the farm, but come on. This HAS to be the final straw for this guy. Any random dude from Portland's bullpen would be better than he has been. He needs to go, and we bring the next man up, immediately. I'm also...
  9. The Gray Eagle

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    That heater by Bubic had hair on it.
  10. The Gray Eagle

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    I am proud to announce that ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement!
  11. The Gray Eagle

    Red Sox in season discussion

    Learn about Qualifying Offers and think about it a bit. It's been mentioned many times in various threads here today. Martinez and Eovaldi will likely be offered QOs this offseason, if they stay healthy and don't suck too much the rest of this season. Vazquez was not going to be offered one no...
  12. The Gray Eagle

    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Reading SOSH, it sounds like Bloom lost the trade deadline again this year. He definitely lost it last year, when all he did was bring in an injured DH who'd never played first base, and a couple of mop-up relievers. The only thing he's won in the last year is a couple of playoff series...
  13. The Gray Eagle

    Red Sox sign James Paxton- 1/$10m+ 2yr club option

    Bloom signed Paxton and made the JBJ trade right before the lockout. At the time, it made me wonder if that was a sign that he thought the 2022 season was going to be at least significantly shortened, or possibly canceled. Both those deals look a lot better if over half of 2022 was canceled...
  14. The Gray Eagle

    Astros acquire Christian Vázquez for Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu.

    I've been following Vazquez for about 11 or 12 years now, so it's weird and kind of sad to see him go. He was a key player on what might have been the best Red Sox team ever. He came back strong after a bad arm injury that could have derailed his career. He will be a lot harder to replace than...
  15. The Gray Eagle

    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    Joe and SOSH's Michael Schur came out with an "Emergency Poscast" the other day about the Red Sox recent collapse. (Amazingly, it came out before the most recent horrifying loss on Wednesday night.) Michael's epic rant is cathartic to listen to as a Sox fan, and Joe does a good job chiming in...
  16. The Gray Eagle

    Speier: How Well has Bloom Done Trading for Prospects?

    If he adds some muscle, shaves off the beard, and starts wearing eye black, this could happen.
  17. The Gray Eagle

    Speier: How Well has Bloom Done Trading for Prospects?

    When I see Verdugo, I see 1990s Mike Greenwell. Greenwell could really rake in his first few years, but in the 1990s he hit 294/354/437, .791 OPS, 108 OPS+. In that time, Greenwell was LH hitter with a nice line drive stroke, who would hit 10-14 HRs year, steal maybe 6 to 10 bases, could catch...
  18. The Gray Eagle

    A Futile and Stupid Gesture On Our Part - 7.24.22

    He won a Gold Glove for the White Sox in 2019.
  19. The Gray Eagle

    Franchy Cordero recalled to the major league team

    Franchy is 0 for his last 21, with 15 strikeouts. That is beyond horrendous. I mean any one of us could have had his last 21 at-bats and not done worse, and only would have whiffed a few more times than he did.
  20. The Gray Eagle

    20220723 - Hey! It's Archer's First Game Thread Start! or Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!!

    This has quickly become an Orange Line commute of a season. View: