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  1. candylandriots

    2022-23 EPL Survivor Pool

    I'm going to run this again. Those of you who participated in the past will have received an email just a little while ago. If you didn't get it, or if you're new and interested, please send an email to Here's what I sent out for anyone new interested in playing...
  2. candylandriots

    May 14 week gamethread

    Starting this off right
  3. candylandriots

    Yeah, but who's in 2nd? The ongoing Bundesliga thread

    We don't talk about the Bundesliga nearly as much as we should. If not for me blabbing about Union Berlin, there probably would be almost no mention at all. La Liga and Serie A seemingly get more traction. But, I have 15 minutes during halftime of the Palace game, and I've been meaning to start...
  4. candylandriots

    FA Cup Semis

    Two games at Wembley, three SL/CL teams, and Crystal Palace. Man City drew Liverpool in a double/triple/quad showdown. Chelsea (also shooting for as many as three trophies) got Palace, who will be without Conor Gallagher for the game, due to his loan from Chelsea. Sad for him that he won’t be...
  5. candylandriots

    Bobsled, Skeleton and Luge

    I’ve seen some POV skeleton runs from this new track from homologation, and just watched my first luge runs of the Olympic competition. I like the looks of this track - though man, do NOT make a mistake on that sharp uphill. You will ruin yourself. Skeleton races back in October had some quite...
  6. candylandriots

    Winter Olympics Pool

    With the Games only a few days away, I finally got things together for the Winter Olympics pool. Those of you that played in the Tokyo pool will have received an email already. For those of you that didn't play the Summer Games pool, please feel free to join in on this one. The basic idea is to...
  7. candylandriots

    Crystal Palace: Under Renovation

    I've been reluctant to start this thread. The last few times I started dedicated Crystal Palace threads in Gazza, they ended up in relegation battle Last year they cruised comfortably to retaining their spot in the Premier League as I kept my piehole shut. I'm going tempt fate this year A mere...
  8. candylandriots

    “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Albanian!”: The Conference League begins

    Since I’m probably the only one here (or perhaps anywhere) who cares about this competition, I’ll go ahead and get this one rolling. The new third tier of European football, The Conference League, has kicked off. Arena Kombëtare (aka Air Albania Stadium, capacity 22,500) in glamorous Tirana...
  9. candylandriots

    EPL Survivor Pool

    I had the idea of starting a survivor pool for the upcoming Premier League season. It seems like there might be sufficient interest to do one. I had one idea about how I wanted to run it, and a member here suggested the possibility of using a website to manage the pool. It looks like the website...
  10. candylandriots

    Week 37: Bon Voyage Roy Hodgson

    Tomorrow night will be Roy Hodgson's last home game as manager for Crystal Palace, and likely for his career. He announced his retirement today. He was pretty much the perfect manager for the team, and he'll always have my eternal thanks for cleaning up the mess on aisle deBoer. I'm glad there...
  11. candylandriots

    Week 14 - Capital Kick-Off

    For those who have ESPN+, this weekend starts in Berlin as Union hosts Gio Reyna and Dortmund. Dortmund is starting a 16-year old CF. And here’s Nina Hagen for Union. Edit: Apparently Moukoko (filling in for Haaland) is the youngest player in the Bundesliga (history maybe?)
  12. candylandriots

    Week 10 - Infects With Zaha

    Trying to come up with something that sounds like “Breakfast With Gaza” to commemorate Wilf’s (hopefully) second and final Covid absence. Palace vs. Magpies at Selhurst on Friday to start the week.
  13. candylandriots

    Week 7 Gamethread

    Kicking off tonight (4pm Eastern) with Wolves vs. Palace.
  14. candylandriots

    Problem with Apple Music/Catalina

    I just got a new computer to replace our dinosaur iMac. That computer was running iTunes and High Sierra. I'm hating the new experience so far. The new computer uses Apple Music (replacing iTunes) and the Catalina OS. My wife and I, let's just say, don't have the same taste in music. I want to...
  15. candylandriots

    Head Injuries In Sliding Sports

    After the suicide of American bobsled legend Steve Holcomb a few years ago and more recently the suicide of Pavle Jovanovic just a couple of weeks ago, the New York Times did an investigation into the potential brain injuries that athletes suffer from bobsled and skeleton. Some of you know that...
  16. candylandriots Showing Pedro's 17K game in 1999

    I miss Pedro. I was going to name my dog Pedro, but we got a female. I still wanted to name her Pedro, but could not convince the wife. I still think of her as Pedro in my head though.
  17. candylandriots

    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    I'm going to cross post this from one of the Coronavirus forums, where I initially posted it. I mentor/help an Afghani girl from Iran here in Berlin. We usually meet up once a week to chat, help with school, stuff like that. We're doing it on the phone now. She's also doing her schoolwork on...
  18. candylandriots

    Russia banned from Olympics and World Cup

    Well then... They do get to compete in the Euro Championships next year, as St. Petersburg is hosting games. Seems weird to give them an exemption because of that.
  19. candylandriots

    Crystal Palace 2019-20, spinning their wheels

    If I'm remembering right, this is Palace's 7th consecutive season in the top flight, the longest run in their history. Despite relegation battles at one point or another in pretty much all of those seasons, they have always found a way to get it done. That said, for the first time I can...
  20. candylandriots

    March 9 Weekend - PALACE and Brighton to start...

    Here we go! Let's give the Seagulls something to worry about. Is it just me and @dirtynine awake for this? Also, I asked this last week, but as an American, should I feel as ridiculous as I do saying dArby instead of dErby? And already a yellow card 10 seconds for a nasty tackle on Luka and...