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  1. twibnotes

    2017 Michigan Football - I-Rashan-al Exuberance

    I know last year, while exciting at times, had an incredibly frustrating (and unlucky, I would argue) ending...but we have a shit ton of talent and a big game vs Florida in a little more than a week...what do you say, folks...let's get the chatter going. It's always great to be a Michigan...
  2. twibnotes

    Would you do the Pedroia deal again if you're Cherington?

    As a big Pedroia fan, I sort of hate asking the question, but I think it's a fair one.  The Red Sox have made it clear that long-term deals will be reserved for special situations, so it's fair to ask if the Pedroia situation warrants such a deal based on what we know now.  We have seen...