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  1. Dogman

    2022 NFL Draft Game Thread-Day 2

    TB has the first pick of the second round. Starts at 7 ET. Patriots pick at #54.
  2. Dogman

    BBtL Forum Standards

    All, This Patriots season has been amazing. As fans, we continue to witness something that is without precedent in major sports in their respective histories. It has truly been a pleasure to enjoy, follow, and analyze this team. This remains true over the last 20 years. I'm sure we are all...
  3. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Discussion, Rumors, Rumblings, Spoilers Gamethread

    Use this thread for discussion between picks, tweets, rumors, rumblings, etc. Spoilers allowed in this thread. Enjoy round 1.
  4. Dogman

    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

    Round 1 begins at 8 PM ET on ESPN. Currently, the Patriots sit at #15 and are projected to pick at 9:45 PM ET. No spoilers in this thread please. If you violate this rule and post a spoiler in this thread, you will be removed from both draft threads. Be sure you know which thread you are...
  5. Dogman

    Remote Access

    I am looking for the best/safest options for remote access to work desktops/server connection for my staff. Any thoughts/assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Dogman

    2020 Pats: Cam Tests Positive

  7. Dogman

    Macbook Pro Keyboard Issue

    Keyboard is not working. Trackpad works fine. Power button, shift, control, option, command keys work. I just can't type in a password. Didn't spill anything on it. Tried cleaning it. Bought in fall 2017. MacBook Pro Retina 11 inch. Any ideas?
  8. Dogman

    2015 Broncos-Peyton's Retirement Party Sunday 1/24/16 3PM ET

    We have a thread on the guy that falls behind Brady on the all time list. We know about the coaching changes.   This is for the entire team.  ...
  9. Dogman

    Week 10 Game Thread

    Dalton yelling at Marv on the sidelines after a bad INT. HA
  10. Dogman

    Week 8 Game Thread

    Good one tonight.    SD at Den   Talk about that game and the others here. 
  11. Dogman

    Week 5 Gamethread

    Minny v. GB to start the week.
  12. Dogman

    Week 3 Gamethread

    Atl v. TB to start week 3
  13. Dogman

    2014 Non Patriot Regular Season News and Notes       Looks like Webb will play.  
  14. Dogman

    The Red Sox have traded 4/5 of their starting rotation

    Lester, Lackey, Peavy and Doubie are gone.   So this is the current rotation:   Buchholz Workman RDLR TBD (PawSox callup) Joe Kelly   So, um, yeah.     Do I have this rotation correct and has a team gone from winning the WS to trading 4 of their WS run starters in 9 months? 
  15. Dogman

    2014 BB PC Thread: Turn and look for the ball    A lawyer.  Not the team lawyer.  Not a PR firm lawyer. Just a lawyer.    I love that BB used more than 75 words for what essentially is a 3 word answer.  "Yes, he retired."
  16. Dogman

    Pedroia's handle of injuries

    It is well known that Dustin has been battling wrist and lingering soreness in his thumb from last season.  He has received cortisone shots and has played through the injuries to this point and still provides excellent defense and some good offensive production. It looks like his power is sapped...
  17. Dogman

    Iphone 5 Update Problem

    Attempting to update an Iphone 5 to the recent iOS 7.1 and the new update won't download.  16 gig AT&T.   I've moved all pics and videos to my cloud and deleted them from my phone. I've disabled all unnecessary apps and even deleted all location services apps to ensure I have enough space for...
  18. Dogman

    I need a storage unit

    7 person office, shared files.     The current unit continues to fail at the wrong times and I'm fed up.   I'm looking at this:   1 TB should be more than enough.     Anyone got any deals or recommendations?  I can spend about...
  19. Dogman

    IOS X Mavericks

    I have a free update for this OS but haven't upgraded.   Pros/Cons/Thoughts on this system?   This is just a personal Mac that I use at home, if that helps. Currently run OS X 10.8.5
  20. Dogman

    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

    Well, the league has what it wants:   Brady v. Manning for a trip to the bowl.    3 PM EST Sunday.   Discuss/gameplan here.