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  1. Spelunker

    8:05 to Yuma

    Is there a backup or other process that runs at 8:05 Eastern? Seems like whenever I get 403s or site hangs it's always between 5:05 and 5:08 here on the West coast.
  2. Spelunker

    DARKO and LEBRON's Bogus Journey : NBA Statistics

    And Brown is the 6th best C by that measure.
  3. Spelunker

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    John Henry says Red Sox will lead effort to change name of Yawkey Way Mods, I don't know if this makes more sense here or on the main board- it's sort of the confluence of both- but this is a big deal. Also if folks want to practice expanding their personal bubbles I'm sure the...
  4. Spelunker

    Shopping for Shopping

    So, my company is looking to set up an online storefront to sell a couple of physical products as a bit of a pilot program (we're essentially a travel/education company, and this would be outside of normal operations). Generally speaking, my first inclination would be to go the Shopify direction...