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  1. AMS25

    Aug 1-3, Seattle @ NYY

    Well, except that Cole's given up three home runs.....
  2. AMS25

    Aug 1-3, Seattle @ NYY

    You called it, Murderer's Crow! First inning of the game today.
  3. AMS25

    8/2 at Astors 8:10 ET

    Trade deadline water.
  4. AMS25

    7/28-7/31: Royals at Yankees

    Singer, the KC pitcher, looks like he's about 12. I'm sure that was his last inning, with his pitch count at 99.
  5. AMS25

    7/25/22 vs Cleveland - Plesac vs Pivetta

    Kiermaier often comes up big against the Sox.
  6. AMS25

    711 .-.. . - .----. ... / --. --- / - --- / - .... . / - .-. --- .--.

    Yep. Kid lucked into two scoreless innings. Could be worse options lingering in the bullpen....
  7. AMS25

    7/9 .._. .._ _... ._ ._.

    Water! Unexpected water....
  8. AMS25

    Hansel Robles has been designated for assignment.

    This news just made my Mom's day.
  9. AMS25

    College Baseball 2022

    Best season of Sooner baseball since I began following the team in 2009. Curious to see how many players are drafted/return for next year.
  10. AMS25

    College Baseball 2022

    Yep, that's the bullpen. And, sadly, the pitcher who lost the game -- Trevin Michael -- was their best pitcher in the pen all year.
  11. AMS25

    College Baseball 2022

    Me too. I don't think Coach Johnson should have put him in that position. However, he was no doubt saving Trevin Michael for today's game, and Martinez was available.
  12. AMS25

    College Baseball 2022

    Thanks, Chazz Martinez. Hopefully, we won't see him on the mound today, though the rest of OU's bullpen isn't very sturdy either.
  13. AMS25

    6/23 - 6/26: Astros at Yankees

    Never mind!
  14. AMS25

    6/23 - 6/26: Astros at Yankees

    Could it happen...two days in a row?
  15. AMS25

    6/23 - 6/26: Astros at Yankees

    Went to the game, huh? It's going to be 100+ here in OK today. Hate the heat.
  16. AMS25

    6/24 Pivetta vs Quantrill

  17. AMS25

    2022 NBA Draft: The Life of Paolo

    The Thunder do their own scouting and evaluations. If Presti likes Chet, it will be because he thinks he's the best pick at #2. He might be wrong, but we'll see.
  18. AMS25

    2022 NBA Draft: The Life of Paolo

    Yep, Presti isn't going anywhere. Chet and Poku will be the Twig Towers.
  19. AMS25

    College Baseball 2022

    Hogs live to play another game. Looking forward to Arkansas and Ole Miss wearing out their pitching staffs.