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  1. RedOctober3829

    Tatis Jr. suspended 80 games for PEDs

  2. RedOctober3829

    James White announces his retirement

  3. RedOctober3829

    Patriots vs Giants—Preseason Game 1

    Game is on nfl network for out of market fans. In NY it is on NBC. Looks like the Pats aren’t playing a lot of starters. Daboll said the Giants will play starters. View:
  4. RedOctober3829

    Eck is done in the NESN booth after the season

  5. RedOctober3829

    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

  6. RedOctober3829

    Morosi: Nationals trade Juan Soto/Josh Bell to San Diego

  7. RedOctober3829

    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

  8. RedOctober3829

    Juan Soto is on the trade block; rejects $440 million contract extension from Washington

  9. RedOctober3829

    2022 Schedule Thread

  10. RedOctober3829

    Mayfield to Carolina

  11. RedOctober3829

    Danilo Gallinari to the Celtics

  12. RedOctober3829

    Patriots are bringing back the Pat Patriot uniform/helmet

    Oh hell yeah!!!!!!! View:
  13. RedOctober3829

    Downs up, Norwood wide right

  14. RedOctober3829

    Offseason Rumors/News

    Shocker: Kyrie wavering on his future. Never could’ve guessed.
  15. RedOctober3829

    Celtics Offseason Primer

    This info is courtesy of Brian Robb of 2022-2023 projected payroll Tatum: $30.5 million Brown: $28.7 million Horford: $26.5 million($19.5...
  16. RedOctober3829

    Patriots sign WR Lil'Jordan Humphrey

    Looks like a camp body. Only 16 catches in 18 games over 3 seasons with 3 career TDs. 6'4" 225 lb so he is a big target. View:
  17. RedOctober3829

    2023 Army-Navy game will be at Gillette Stadium

  18. RedOctober3829

    Vegas hires Butchy

  19. RedOctober3829

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    I figured I needed to step up and lead the way to a series(and NBA title) win when down 3-2 since it was successful in the Milwaukee series. Here is what I led off the Game 6 thread with albeit worded a bit differently given where the game is tonight and in Game 7(because there will be a Game...
  20. RedOctober3829

    Phillies fire Joe Girardi