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  1. Seven Costanza

    Chelsea 17/18 We know what we are

    Champions of England. Discuss.
  2. Seven Costanza

    2016 MacBook Pro question

    I'm toying with the idea of buying the new MacBook Pro base model. For the more technically inclined- does it make sense for me to upgrade the RAM and processor? I would use this mostly for general internet dicking around, light gaming & light photo/video work. I don't mind ponying up the...
  3. Seven Costanza

    Inbox by Google

    Pretty rad thus far, at least for a casual emailer like myself.  The ability to pin and snooze various emails is useful.   EDIT: Not optimized for iPad yet, FWIW.
  4. Seven Costanza

    I need a ruling

    What say you denizens of Gazza- I've been a Newcastle fan for roughly a decade at this point.  I got in to Newcastle because Alan Shearer dominated fools in FIFA lo those many years ago.  I've gone so far as to actually go to St. James' Park. Newcastle really feeds that sadomasochistic desire of...
  5. Seven Costanza

    Seamless vs. Foodler

    Which one do you prefer and where do you live?    
  6. Seven Costanza

    WWDC 2014

    Starts Monday.  iOS 8, OS X 10.10 are gimmes... iWatch?  New iPhone?  Better AppleTV?
  7. Seven Costanza

    Fanboys   Ashamed to admit this hit pretty close to home, although (fortunately) I don't really troll comment sections.  Oh, and check the article out on Android, Windows and iOS and see if you notice anything different.