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  1. NYCSox

    2/17 - Bruins at Islanders

    OK let's make the Islanders elimination official tonight.
  2. NYCSox

    2/15 - Bruins at Rangers

    OK now let's beat these overrated clowns.
  3. NYCSox

    2/12 - Bruins at Senators

    Guess I’ll take this one. Don’t let me down guys.
  4. NYCSox

    1/6 - Wow another game (Wild)

    Keep doing what you've been doing.
  5. NYCSox

    1/4 - Wait we actually have yet another game (Devils)

    So let’s just keep doing the same thing ok?
  6. NYCSox

    1/2 - We have another game (Red Wings)

    So let’s try to win this one as well. Maybe not wait 40 minutes this time before showing up for work?
  7. NYCSox

    1/1 - There’s actually a game today (Sabres)

    (Checks notes) Yup there is a game. How about we start winning some again.
  8. NYCSox

    10/28 - Bruins at Canes

    How about we play three periods tonight guys?
  9. NYCSox

    2/25 - Bruins at Isles

    Now with people (about 1,600 or so) in the stands. Good opponent but I'm tired of losing to them.
  10. NYCSox

    2/21 Flyers at Tahoe - time to clear the air

    Title says it all. Nothing like a little sunlight to clean up the stink of the last couple of games. Let’s get to work.
  11. NYCSox

    12/12 - Bruins at Bolts

    No long intros this time - just win a damn game please.
  12. NYCSox

    12/1/18 - Wings at Bruins

    No one is getting their number retired tonight. Unless Pasta goes all Laine on the Wings. Which is certainly possible. Let’s go!!
  13. NYCSox

    11/29/18 - Isles at Bruins

    One of the less heralded heists pulled off by Harry Sinden was trading a soon to be 32 year old Ken Hodge to the NY Rangers after the 1975-76 season in exchange for a promising 22 year old winger named Rick Middleton. I don't know why the last place Rangers would make that trade - it's not like...
  14. NYCSox

    11/8 - Sedins (I mean Edlers) at Bruins

    Ah it's time once again for our favorite twin nemesis. Wait? What? They've retired? And everyone from the 2011 Cup finalist is gone save for Edler? Sorry Alex I'm going to have to pick on you. Only fair since Thomas isn't around either to kick the snot out of the Sedins.
  15. NYCSox

    11/5 - Seguins at Bruins

    Should be easier to score a few goals tonight as long as the refs are paying attention to the game.
  16. NYCSox

    2018 Steelers: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    It's time for another wild ride with the boys from the Burgh. Frankly, I have no idea what to expect other than a likely playoff berth, most likely as a division winner. After that, the variability of the team is off the charts. They could give up 45 points to some shitty QB in the playoffs and...
  17. NYCSox

    Game 2 at Tampa - Seek and Destroy

    A broken goalie skate and a disallowed goal couldn't stop the Bruins from riding the lightning to a convincing win. And what, what is this? Rick Nash scoring playoff goals?? Wait I was told he couldn't score in the playoffs. So now the second line is scoring? I mean that's not fair. It's one...
  18. NYCSox

    Game 1 at Tampa - Ride the Lightning

    As expected, the Dirty Kadris couldn't get it done. I hope all the nancies have gotten all the nancyness out of their nancy systems cause this is going to be an epic battle. No time for any of that shit. These guys are loaded with skill. And unlike Toronto this team has won something in my...
  19. NYCSox

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    So here we are yet again. Another 3-1 series lead squandered to the Original Six team with the longest Cup drought (51 and counting). I mean the "Nine-teen For-ty" Rangers have won since then. The long moribund Blackhawks have won. The Red Wings came back to life and won. The Bruins have won...
  20. NYCSox

    1/5 - Looch! (and some kid named McDavid)

    It would be nice to start winning again. But the Oilers are a pretty good road team and the Bruins at home are ... er ... well ... let's say inconsistent.