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  1. Curtis Pride

    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    The Celtics are presently 10-2 with a 10-game winning streak still going. Kyrie Irving has played a big part in their success so far, scoring 22 points per game and dishing out 5.7 assists per game, both in the top 20 in the league. But stats don’t tell the whole story about him. I have to see...
  2. Curtis Pride

    Stories of the NBA

    I read this article on LaMarcus Aldridge's free agency last summer, and liked it a lot. I thought we we would have a thread where we would share various stories like this one. Adrian Wojnarowski on The Free Agent Courtship of LaMarcus Aldridge.
  3. Curtis Pride

    Colts game discussion thread

    I don't think the Colts were necessarily soft, but that they had a few weaknesses that the Patriots were able to exploit. Apparently their biggest weakness was their front seven were vulnerable to the run when the opposing team also had an effective passing attack. The Colts were able to beat...
  4. Curtis Pride

    Wildcard Weekend Game Thread

    There's some NFL football games in play this weekend. So we need a game thread!   To kick us off, I've got Reading the Wildcard Numbers for pregame reading:    
  5. Curtis Pride

    Reading the Colts Numbers

  6. Curtis Pride

    Reading the Broncos Numbers
  7. Curtis Pride

    Signing Players to Max Deals: Yay or Nay?

    At first I put this is the Celtics offseason thread. Then I decided that this could be a good topic by itself.   Nate Silver at has an article up on how to determine whether a player is worth signing to a max extension (or a max...
  8. Curtis Pride

    2014 Celtics Offseason: Rebuilding Plans

    Now that the Celtics' season is over, they're tied with Utah for 4th in the lottery, and they also have the Nets' first-round pick. This is the current roster under contact for next season:   Signed: Rajon Rondo Gerald Wallace Jeff Green Brandon Bass Kelly Olynyk Jared Sullinger Vitor Faverani  ...