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  1. Seven Costanza

    Chelsea 2021-22 - Reigning Champions of Europe, and the World!

    Club shop at the Bridge closed today- they just put a sign on the door saying 'closed until further notice'.
  2. Seven Costanza

    Chelsea 2021-22 - Reigning Champions of Europe, and the World!

    My sister in law has been working for the club for over 5 years now; she's a higher up in the Stadium Tours/Club Museum/Special Events hierarchy. Not exactly sure how much longer she'll be employed. My father in law has season tickets this year. What timing!
  3. Seven Costanza

    Traveling to Far, Desolate, and Inhospitable Places: The 2021/2022 Europa League Thread

    It threw me for a loop two seasons ago when I realized Rangers Joe Aribo was the same Joe Aribo I watched play a FA Cup First Round qualifying tie at Staines Town in 2014. Up the Swans!
  4. Seven Costanza

    My MacBook air is slow as molasses

    Both of those machines from Costco would be more than sufficient for what you need them for. I'd be slightly wary about how 8GB of RAM will carry in to the future on the Air you mention. Another plug from me for Apple refurbished- same warranty as a brand new product. The availability...
  5. Seven Costanza

    My MacBook air is slow as molasses

    Forget the M1 Pro or M1 Max. For anyone with your stated needs- get a M1 MacBook Air. That'll do you fine for the next several years. If all you do is stream, the 512 should be fine but if money isn't a big concern get the 1TB. (Both the M1 Air and the 13" M1 Pro come in and out of stock on...
  6. Seven Costanza

    The EFL/Carabao Cup : My B team is better than your B team

    Chelsea reach a cup final for the sixth season in a row. Not bad. Tuchel hasn't even been here a year yet, and has reached the final of the FA Cup, Champions League and now League Cup. Not bad at all.
  7. Seven Costanza

    iPhone 13

    Do they fit markedly different than the prior generation AirPods (not the pros)? Seen some conflicting reports that the shape is different enough from 2 to 3 that it bothers some people.
  8. Seven Costanza

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    I've been dicking around/procrastinating on said laptop since 8am- fair amount of web browsing in Safari, screen brightness at a decent level, mail/stocks/messages/tweetdeck apps all open. I'm at 88% right now at 2:57pm.
  9. Seven Costanza

    Apple rumored to stop using Intel chips by 2020

    I have last year's 13in MBP with the (now base level) M1 chip. Yes. It's absolutely incredible. Light years beyond any laptop I've ever used previously.
  10. Seven Costanza

    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    EDIT: No need to hijack the thread- just wanted to add some color to the historical hazing stuff and why we may be hearing more about it now. TL;DR it happens, just back in the day there was no point in saying anything about it- there wouldn't have been any consequences of note.
  11. Seven Costanza

    Help Me Pick a Premier League Team

    This is the correct response to the question presented. /ducks
  12. Seven Costanza

    iPhone 12

    Another +1 for Apple refurbished. I've bought multiple computers & iPads this way; all come with new batteries and the same warranty as a brand new device. What's in stock can change day to day so if you don't see what you're looking for keep checking. Alternatively don't sleep on grabbing...
  13. Seven Costanza

    2020/21 UEFA Champions League: The Road to Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

    That was enjoyable. Chelsea Women also in the Champions League final & could clinch the league with a win this weekend. They’ve already won the Community Shield and League Cup this season. Carefree.
  14. Seven Costanza

    Chelsea 20-21: Plastic Fans and Shiny New Toys

    Petr Cech has been named to Chelsea's 25 man PL squad for the season.
  15. Seven Costanza

    Clubs you always root against

    Ah sorry, missed it. I also should have added "presented without comment"- although I must admit the absolute absurdity of it all always makes me chuckle a bit.
  16. Seven Costanza

    Clubs you always root against

    Additional Millwall evidence: A football fan has spoken of how he was stabbed eight times by the London Bridge attackers as he attempted to single-handedly fight off all three of them unarmed. Roy Larner, 47, told reporters he shouted “Fuck you, I’m Millwall” – in an allusion to the club’s...
  17. Seven Costanza

    Clubs you always root against

    Joking aside I would have listed the Mackems if I didn't actually feel a twinge of pain for them. That was a quick and painful fall. We can't all just switch clubs at the drop of a hat.