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  1. Time to Mo Vaughn

    GW2: Nick Pope

    So nice to have these threads back. I've been missing sports before noon.
  2. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Eck is done in the NESN booth after the season

    They should bring in Pedro. Too bad he'd never be interested in an 80+ game schedule let alone a 150+ one.
  3. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Arsenal 22-23: Time to Deliver the Goods

    Even if the technicality means that Britain/England can't prosecute him for the events happening in Spain, can't Spain still put out an arrest warrant for him (and possibly ask the UK to extradite)? (It actually seems weird to me that England would have been able to arrest him for events in...
  4. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    YouTube Premium or Music Premium is like $18/month for a family account, which covers all your music plus ad free youtube. You could cancel your Spotify or other subscription for it, and we're talking like a two beers at a bar or restaurant a month.
  5. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Red Sox sign James Paxton- 1/$10m+ 2yr club option

    We all know how different playoff pitching is from the regular season. He could easily become a once through the lineup out of the bullpen guy (which could happen anywhere from innings 2 to 8 in the modern game).
  6. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Arsenal 22-23: Time to Deliver the Goods

    Doesn't quite free up everything needed for wages and transfer, but Partey is Arsenal's most expensive player by wages right now at £200,000 per week or about £10M annually. I would imagine that if he's not on the team this year, they're at least not on the hook for that, which will free up some...
  7. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Friend's gmail account compromised

    Can he use any of the recovery methods to reclaim the account and then enable two factor authentication? That's his best bet.
  8. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Premier League star arrested

    Tweet deleted. That seems ominous.
  9. Time to Mo Vaughn

    2021 Tour de France

    New threads are good.
  10. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Premier League star arrested

    I'll say it. The rampant speculation is based on it being someone at Spurs or Arsenal because "North London" and off another report that it's not Spurs. Based on the late 20s Arsenal players of Xhaka, Partey and Elneny. Partey is the one getting fingered at the moment. No blue check mark...
  11. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Premier League star arrested

    Is it part of this that the UK has much stricter laws with their press on names being released before someone is convicted. Even if it's stupid with international outlets being able to say whatever they want.
  12. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Texas Football: Tom Herman Out, Steve Sarkisian In

    I mean of all players for the NIL not to matter one bit about. Wanting to play for an NFL OC makes sense, but Manning is going to the place that he believe will give him the best preparation for NFL success.
  13. Time to Mo Vaughn

    4G Android phone megathread

    Yeah, I also got the 20% off email yesterday.
  14. Time to Mo Vaughn

    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    This is definitely a transfer partially now, but also looking at the future as he just turned 22 about two weeks ago. I think rotating with Odegaard and Saka and hopefully developing into a more full time player over the next couple years as Saka did.
  15. Time to Mo Vaughn

    NBA Finals Game 6--Resiliency

    I can't understate how much I hate these fucking game times. I am already ready to climb in bed. I know if I do I'll be done before the first quarter.
  16. Time to Mo Vaughn

    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    Udoka should take another T
  17. Time to Mo Vaughn

    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    I hate not challenging the Klay charge
  18. Time to Mo Vaughn

    6/8--NBA FINALS G3, Golden State @ Celtics

    Thank you. I'm at an Irish bar by my hotel that's probably slightly more Celtics fans, but may take an Uber over there at halftime.
  19. Time to Mo Vaughn

    6/8--NBA FINALS G3, Golden State @ Celtics

    Super last minute: I'm in SF for a conference. Where did I go to watch this game? I'm by the Moscone because of course I am.
  20. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Build my new PC

    I looked into this a few months ago when my 10 year old last from scratch PC build that I did starting having issues. There had been a few upgrades along the way like more RAM and a newer graphics card. I actually ended up with a Intel NUC 11. The onboard graphic card is far superior to the 6...