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  1. Time to Mo Vaughn

    4/23 Week Game Thread

    Early match this week is Arsenal vs United. Arsenal took the lead early after a horrific defensive mistake as Tavares got the rebound on a Saka shot. I'm on DVR about fifteen minutes behind the game live, but was surprised to see we don't have a thread yet for this week.
  2. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Troubleshooting Desktop that won't POST - Update POSTing Now

    I have Desktop PC that I built about 9 years ago that died today while I was on it. Was literally in the middle of browsing the internet when it just instantly turned off and wouldn't respond at all to the power button even being pressed. I opened up the case and noticed that it was...
  3. Time to Mo Vaughn

    12-18/19 Weekend Game Thread - Going Viral

    Villa/Burnley, ManU/BHA, Southampton/Bradford, West Ham/Norwich games today all postponed, which leaves only Leeds/Arsenal today (for now anyway). Tomorrow's matches: Everton/Leicester postponed, but Newcastle/City, Wolves/Chelsea, Spurs/Liverpool still on. Some rest for teams heading into the...
  4. Time to Mo Vaughn

    2021 Horse Racing Thread

    Kentucky Derby is today! I haven't paid any attention to racing in a year (though generally all I watch anyways it's the triple crown races and the Travers). I did buy some mint last night. Who you got?
  5. Time to Mo Vaughn

    When Does Mac Jones Make His First Start?

    Is Cam still the starter or will there be a camp competition?
  6. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Laddie's poll on number of games the Patriots play catches some of the coronavirus discussion, but there's been a mix of locations between that and the offseason thread, so I thought it would be better to have a single dedicated place like we have with MLB forum. On Friday, Chiefs starting RG...
  7. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Sports Impact of Coronavirus COVID19

    We've, not surprisingly started, to hit a critical mass of how sports are getting impacted by the coronavirus. I thought it makes sense to have a single place to document and discuss the latest news and impact. (Mods: as always feel free to close if you think this is best served in the more...
  8. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Winter 2020 Transfer Thread

    Zlatan has joined AC Milan on a free transfer.
  9. Time to Mo Vaughn

    2019 Pats: Undefeated Season Watch

    Yeah, I'm starting it, since there's no way in hell that a message board thread is going to have an impact on the season. The Patriots are one game short of halfway through the regular season, still undefeated, and appear to have a historically good team led by a historically good defense...
  10. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    First year under Unai Emery is in the books, and it was one that showed promise but ultimately disappointment as Arsenal finished in 5th place by 1 point and lost to Chelsea in the Europa Finals meaning that for the 3rd year in a row they'll be in the Europa League instead of the Champions...
  11. Time to Mo Vaughn

    The Rosen Thread

    With Murray as the number one pick, the Cardinals are now forced to deal last year's #10 Josh Rosen, who by the way is only 5 months older than Murray. A number of the teams that were rumored as interested in Rosen drafted QBs yesterday, so that limits the number of teams, who would seemingly...
  12. Time to Mo Vaughn

    4/20 and Easter Weekend Thread

    Just three days later, we've got a rematch of the stunning City Spurs match, back at the Etihad. Still major league implications for both teams City up 1-0 on a fantastic Aguero header pass that was headed in by 19 year old Phil Foden for his first career premier league goal.
  13. Time to Mo Vaughn

    The Tiger Thread

    Rather than making the Masters Thread the all encompassing Tiger Woods thread, I thought it would be interesting to break on the discussion on where does Tiger go from here. His last three majors he's been Tied 6th, 2nd and now 1st. He won the Tour Championship last year. He's up to 6th place...
  14. Time to Mo Vaughn

    What Happens to Craig Kimbrel?

    We're two days away from the start of the season and Craig Kimbrel is still a free agent. I thought for sure he'd have a contract signed by the end of last week. It's an interesting question to see now where he ends up and for what type of contract? Does he wait for someone desperate after an...
  15. Time to Mo Vaughn

    Premier League - Title (and Top 4) Race

    With 8 matches left (9 for Chelsea) for the Premier League teams, we've got a very tight race for the title as well as between teams 3-6 for the top 4. Couple that with all 6 teams still in the hunt for either the Champions League or Europa League, which provides another way to gain a Champions...
  16. Time to Mo Vaughn

    3/2 Weekend - Derbies Everywhere

    Spurs Gunners kick off in about 10 minutes. A lot of changes to the Arsenal starting lineup. Noticeably missing Aubemeyang and Ozil. Arsenal playing with a 4 back line with Mustafi at right back. First beer will be cracked in 5.
  17. Time to Mo Vaughn

    January Transfer Window Thread

    Already had the Pulisic transfer go down today. What else are we going to see this month?
  18. Time to Mo Vaughn

    12/29-1/2 - 5 Days, 20 Games

    Big match of the day is Arsenal Liverpool at 12:30.
  19. Time to Mo Vaughn

    10/6 Weekend Thread - Mourinho's Last Stand

    His final game as the ManU manager is off to a great start. Fake edit: Now 2-0!
  20. Time to Mo Vaughn

    What if: Fully Guaranteed Contracts in the NFL

    There's been a lot of discussion in the Steelers thread about Bell, plus other random threads across BBTL every time a young player has a major injury about how the NFL is such a violent game with horrible injuries that all contracts should be guaranteed like the other major sports. I've been...