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    Allez! The 2022 Pro Cycling Thread

    I've been getting by with the extended highlights on Youtube each night (~40 min). This whets my appetite for this evening's viewing. There was also, speaking of disruptions, someone littering the road with tacks and causing around 30 flat tires in 2012. I had it in my mind that they abandoned...
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    6/12 Crawford v Ray

    Pretty sweet bullpen view. I advised our new closer to throw strikes.
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    6/12 Crawford v Ray

    Holy shit! I thought Shawn Kemp on the jumbotron friday was impressive. Dude just threw out the first pitch! Roof open and mostly overcast right now.
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    6/11 Sea ... Another W 4 WWWWacha

    Last night and tomorrow.
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    6/10 M Bop

    There's a guy sitting in front of me with an Aaron Sele jersey on. Oh, wait? Sale? Ah. Huh.
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    6/10 M Bop

    Not watching the Celts: Shawn Kemp, just shown on the jumbotron. Number of Kemp offspring in the house: unclear.
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    6/10 M Bop

    Roof is closed, I noted as my Link train rolled past the stadium to downtown where we are frantically waiting in line to check in so i can get my ASS TO THE BALLPARK. Ahem.
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    2022 PGA Tour

    I just clicked on the YouTube feed for a moment. 78,000 people watching, doesn't seem huge.
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    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    And speaking of Ashworth's shrewd moves, lots of credible (?) rumors that Cucurella is on his way to Manchester City. This also sucks--player of the year for Brighton this year, just a tireless runner and a real pleasure to watch.
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    Yeah, but who's in 2nd? The ongoing Bundesliga thread

    Stuttgart misses a penalty but scores off a corner a minute later. Why the plain black jerseys for Koln? Did they have a Russian sponsor? Doesn't even appear there's a club crest on the shirt, unless it's black-on-black. Looks like 10 referees running around out there. Edit: Actually there does...
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    2022 Dolphins: Our coach is cooler than yours

    I prefer the schedule to be front-loaded with those road division games. It's always going to be warm in Miami for those guys coming south--I'd rather get as many trips to Buffalo and New England and the Meadowlands out of the way as possible before it gets cold up there. (Another...
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    May 6 Matchweek Thread

    Just caught up with the Brighton game and I concur wholeheartedly. Proud day for the club. I'm especially happy for Cucurella getting his first. That guy is absolutely tireless and everything he does is with great intent. Just a screamer into the top of the net. That's wins over Arsenal, Spurs...
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    4/30 Week Game Thread

    His arm was pretty close but he also clearly leaned into the ball with it. Trossard puts this one to bed, one would hope. That guy tries to get too cute sometimes but he's a calm professional shooter. Three this month for him.
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    4/30 Week Game Thread

    Mac Allister gaks a penalty against Wolves, then 5 minutes later gets another shot and puts it away. 1-0 Brighton in what's always one of the least aesthetic games of the year.
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    Renaming NBA Franchises

    They actually tried to do this upon the move from Vancouver, but the league nixed it: More recently, the Memphis Express was the city's entry in the lone (2019) season of the Alliance of American Football...
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    GW Easter Week

    First win in London? They've beaten Spurs twice at the Amex the last few years I believe. Nonetheless a nice turn of form for the guests, wins over Arsenal and now these guys after a lousy run of games.
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    GW Easter Week

    Now that's how you reward your fans for slogging through 89 dour minutes of a 5:30 a.m. Mountain Time kickoff.
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    GW April 8: Hells Bells

    Brighton has been completely toothless for more than two months now. Nice calm goal by Trossard (clownishly open, sure), and getting that one erased is a great boost.
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    NFL Reporter John Clayton has died at 67

    He also had weekly notes columns in the Washington Post this fall. I don't know if they were syndicated, or if he was freelancing for the Post, or what. This is sad news.
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    Game week 29 March 12-17

    It's been a miserable month for Brighton, four straight losses, most of them poor. The ordinarily well-organized defense has struggled since Dan Burn was sold to Newcastle followed by an injury to Adam Webster, who's still out. Dunk missed a game in there too for a red card. Bissouma was...