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  1. DamageTrain

    Best small-business off-site backup

    Looking for advice for the best service for a small-business off-site backup. Looking for something that allows 10-15 TB of data storage. My business' data footprint is approximately 7.5 TB over a few computers and servers (there are lots of big GIS files some from old projects). I backup...
  2. DamageTrain

    Optimally Upgrade/Replace RAID 5

    I have a box running Windows Server 2012 with a RAID 5 setup-- it's 3TB with four 1-TB 7200 RPM disks. My business is fairly GIS intensive, so I've used about 75% of the 3TB. Also, the drives are 6-years old and it's time to upgrade for more capacity and speed, Also -- the server is in my...
  3. DamageTrain

    Windows 7 ESUs

    Anyone purchase Win 7 ESUs? Extended security updates? I have a nearly 8-year old Windows 7 box here but it has 21GB RAM and 8 processors. Since I updated to an SSD, I have no problem with my machine's speed, especially as I send big jobs to a faster 32-core server. I could just try to...