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  1. Jordu

    8/13 - More FOX Broadcasts

    Ha ha hahahaha
  2. Jordu

    Jarren Duran: Sunshine In His Eyes Can Make Us Cry

    Their best pure CF prospect, Miguel Bleis, is in the Florida Complex League. Ceddanne Rafaela, who is having himself a year with Portland, may be ready sooner than anticipated even though he’s just turning 22. The Sox have committed to Duran for the rest of this year. Let’s hope the older guys...
  3. Jordu

    The White Sox have traded catcher Reese McGuire &PTBNL (or $$) to the Red Sox for Jake Diekman

    A replacement-level backup catcher who can’t hit and has an average arm. This doesn’t make much sense to me. I know Hernandez needs work defensively, but at least he’s got an arm and hit in AAA.
  4. Jordu

    Astros acquire Christian Vázquez for Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu.

    Eight seasons behind the plate for the Sox — almost 700 games. Behind the plate for the last out of the 2018 Series. Dependable catcher who could hit.
  5. Jordu

    7/28 There Is No Gamethread. We need a Gamethread.

    Good win. Bogaerts puts the ballclub on his back.
  6. Jordu

    7/28 There Is No Gamethread. We need a Gamethread.

    Adding to a lead in the late innings is a beautiful thing.
  7. Jordu

    We're back!

    Right you are. Tuned in late. I guess that’s why he had the energy to drive one out.
  8. Jordu

    We're back!

    Can’t blame Vaz for showboating a home run down 27-3. Catching for the team on the wrong end of a blowout on a hot July night suuuuuucks
  9. Jordu

    Eovaldi’s Return

    Yeah! Great read by Xander!
  10. Jordu

    7/9 .._. .._ _... ._ ._.

    Yes yes yes!
  11. Jordu

    Stanley Cup Final

    Best trophy celebration in sports.
  12. Jordu

    Mookie details Boston exit

    Yes, Xander and Devers are great ballplayers and appealing personalities. Mookie is at a level above them. Watching Mookie play was as close as we of this generation can get to seeing a Willie Mays-type talent.
  13. Jordu

    Mookie details Boston exit

    I paid money to go to Fenway to see Mookie Betts play baseball. If they sold tickets that somehow only allowed you to watch Mookie, I’d happily buy them.
  14. Jordu

    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Jacobs needs to take out his MontBlanc pen and start writing contract offers to Pastrnak. A good place to start would be 8/80. A goal-scorer of his abilities and record is not replaceable. He’s a player you build a team around. They need to make sure he stays in Boston.
  15. Jordu

    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Cassidy coached effectively with the talent he was given. Clearly, there’s a difference in philosophy between Neely/Sweeney and Cassidy about the players on the roster should play the game. This team is going to get worse quickly under the Neely/Sweeney system.
  16. Jordu

    Conference Finals

    This is even more nuts.
  17. Jordu

    Conference Finals

    If Edmonton scores on the PP…