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  1. SMU_Sox

    2022 Patriots Roster, Schemes, Draft and Team Philosophy

    I have a TLDR at the bottom of the page. This is a two parter - one on scheme and one on prospects in the draft. It doesn't neatly fit here but since you all are talking about where Peppers fits and what Bill will do to utilize him I didn't see it as too out of place. If this needs to be moved I...
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    2022 Fits

    Let’s kick off the college football bowl season with a thread for prospect fits. I will start with a guy I think can replace Hightower longterm. Right now schematically they are going with ILBs who can take on OL in the run game, blitz, and for Hightower also take snaps as an OLB. Enter...
  3. SMU_Sox

    Best Positional Groups Under BB

    I was looking at OL groups across the league last night and was thinking that the Patriots have one of the best OL groups yet again. It got me thinking which have been the best positional groups in BB history here in NE. As @Euclis20 astutely pointed out the Patriots have had one of the best...
  4. SMU_Sox

    2022 NFL Draft - Summer Scouting Edition

    @Brand Name and I are looking at prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft. I plan to get through each position group and then write up here who looks like good potential fits for the Patriots. This is also going to be an easy way to check for college players to look for when you are watching the game...
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    Which Rookie Are You Most Excited About Going Into Camp (also can discuss rookies here)

    With camp right around the corner and COVID behind us *la la la la la I can't hear you la la la la la* we finally get some football! Side note: I decided to buy SMU season tickets for college ball this year and if the season is canceled they give you 3 options for a refund: 1) You get your...
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    Kill Some Time and Listen to SOSHers Discuss Draft Prospects

    Guys, I apologize for the length of some of these. The truth is I ran out of time this year on Patriots related draft content. I ended up spending about a week or around 170 hours just watching tape alone. Not including notes and writing up mini reports. Then I spent more time looking at...
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    The 2020 Draft Contest! New and Improved (Again)

    @mwonow and I are happy to bring you the 2020 Draft Contest. Like last year this contest will have 2 parts. The first part is the same as last year: a weighted scoring system for the right draft picks and UDFAs. The second part is a different this year. This year instead of doing a 53 man...
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    Who Are Your 2020 Draft Binkies?

    I am about a quarter of the way through looking at prospects. I'll give you my favorites in terms of the big name top 50 guys at the position I like and then people who might not even get drafted and between. Wide Receivers: Where do I even start? I like a ton of guys this year. Ignoring the...
  9. SMU_Sox

    We're Onto the NFL Draft (2019 Prospect Thread)

    This will be the thread to discuss prospects. In general the class is loaded at WR and TE. DL and edge have some depth too. Not a good class for LBs minus the top few guys and even then the ceilings are not as high as last year. I expect to see a WR, TE, DL, and Edge drafted. I have started...
  10. SMU_Sox

    2019 Looking at Potential Future QBs

    Unless Danny Etling is the second coming of TB12 we're still potentially in the hunt for an heir apparent to Brady. To me there is no other position more enjoyable to discuss leading up to the draft than QB especially if it is a need. I'm going to transition to linebackers next year and skim the...
  11. SMU_Sox

    2018 Patriots Draft/UDFA Reactions

    Well, it is that time again. Christmas and Hanukkah had a baby for football fans called the NFL Draft. God personally tried to watch again at Cowboys Stadium but the roof was closed. On a personal note I was in heaven this weekend with you all here and then having a chance to go to the draft...
  12. SMU_Sox

    2018 NFL Draft Predict the QB

    Well, it is Monday. Only a few days away. While nothing is ever guaranteed it is probable that the Patriots draft a QB. So, SoSH, who do you/we think they draft? I am going to leave this open until Thursday Night. Public vote.
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    Ask Draft Experts Your Questions

    I have been asking around on draft twitter and I want to bring over some draft experts to SoSH for an informal Q&A. @mascho agreed to join. I will update this post with author's bio's and where you can find his/her work here shortly before or right after they post depending on timing. I also...
  14. SMU_Sox

    Who are Your Favorites/Binkies 2018 NFL Draft Edition?

    We are 2 weeks away now from the NFL Draft. This has been one of the most exciting and drama filled offseasons in a franchise that has had quite a few over the past decade. It's time to talk about your favorites and/or binkies. I figure a favorite is a potential first or early second rounder...
  15. SMU_Sox

    NFL Combine Game Thread/Reactions

    Let's use this thread to talk about performance at the combine. Here is the schedule. Wednesday: RB/OL Measurements Thursday: QB/TE/WR Measurements Friday RB/OL Drills, DL/LB Measurements Saturday: QB/WR/TE Drills, DB Measurements Sunday DL/LB Drills Monday: DB Drills. Orlando Brown showed up...
  16. SMU_Sox

    SBLII: Favorite Super Bowl Party Food

    I love to cook. I love to grill or smoke out. I host a party when the Pats get in so it is also my big day in the kitchen. Whether it’s shopping for ingredients or cooking I spend over 48 hours just on the food for the big game. I was thinking about my favorite Super Bowl foods and realized most...
  17. SMU_Sox

    Research Requests

    This will be the recurring thread for people to ask for and provide information.   Have a football research project but having trouble finding data? Want to know the answer to a question that is highly relevant but don't know where to start to look? Post away here.   I like to think of data as...
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    "Confidence"￾: Thursday Night Gambling Preview    
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    Confidence: Sunday Gambling Preview
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    Confidence: Thursday Night Preview