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  1. Silverdude2167

    Hard Knocks: Jerry Jones Salts his McGriddle

    Did anyone else watch the first episode? How does Mike McCarthy have a job? This camp seems so laid back and not focused, which is weird for a team coming off of a 6-10 season. It also makes me somehow even more thankful for BB when McCarthy starts talking about Mojo Moments and the impact...
  2. Silverdude2167

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    Tom Brady is old and may he continue to age gracefully. This is funny
  3. Silverdude2167

    Patriots claimed Dewey McDonald off waivers from the Colts   From Colts. BB wants to find out what was supposed to happen on the swinging gate play.
  4. Silverdude2167

    Jack Edwards

    Jack is getting a press/criticism for blowing his top after the missed puck in the netting call lead to a goal for CBJ. Like always with Bruins highlights and some of Jack's more intense calls he is getting lambasted. I can not remember any other instance when the press has written about another...
  5. Silverdude2167

    Parcells: A Football Life (excerpt about Belichick leaving NYJ)

    It is an interesting read. (        
  6. Silverdude2167

    Manning is the Comeback King??

    Here is a fun article from 538 (   Playing with statistics and how you observe data is a nice distraction from all the terribleness that is happening with the NFL at the moment.   The author does...
  7. Silverdude2167

    Windows Phone: Why Your App Store Sucks

    Since I accidentally derailed the IPhone 6 topic, lets move the conversation over here about why you should or should not ever consider a Windows Phone.   Could someone please move all the posts over.