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  1. DamageTrain

    We Wish You Well Jackie Bradley Jr. (DFA 8.4.22)

    Grand slam vs. Osuna with Castig's call should anyone care to watch. View: "Looking around Minute Maid Park, fans are streaming for the exits." He singlehandedly destroyed the Astros that year.
  2. DamageTrain

    8/2 at Astors 8:10 ET

    Couldn't agree more. Looking forward to more of this type of thing in the future: (2017 NYY fan reaction video) View...
  3. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    Super entertaining— great win for England!
  4. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    The play by the defender was sublime
  5. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    That was a pretty entertaining half of football. well at least the last 35 minutes that I saw. England’s midfield was dominating early, but Germany made it a lot more even during the second half of the half. The ref is under a lot of pressure here. Performing reasonably well I think.
  6. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    Yep, the lights came on at the nine minute mark or so
  7. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    Six minutes in, and ESPN plus is out of service. Same with ESPN2?
  8. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    Thanks for sharing your prodigious knowledge. Looking forward to Sunday…
  9. DamageTrain

    Women's Soccer

    Has been a great tournament to watch. Germany's defense seems really tough to crack. France's only goal came from a shot at distance. While it was an excellent shot, there was some luck involved with the ricochet off the keeper. What's impressive for Germany is that this was the only goal...
  10. DamageTrain

    July 14th - Red Sox @ Tamper - Let's not get swept

    The trop is a dump. Not suitable for MLB games. Get one win and get out of that depressing mildewed ballpark.
  11. DamageTrain

    Build my new PC

    I've built a couple machines in the last couple of years and have really enjoyed the NewEgg custom PC builder This tool ensures everything plays together and enables comparison shopping and reading through reviews. I think the new cases are...
  12. DamageTrain

    NESN to offer standalone streaming service for games (IN MARKET)

    Yep I'm intrigued as an in-market long-time cord cutter who doesn't love using a VPN and has found that VPN performance slows my streaming. I could upgrade my VPN or go legit. This is especially competitive if I can buy monthly and the team makes a move mid season.
  13. DamageTrain

    New thread 05/25

    It was about 20 years ago here on the ballfields of VT when I was being abused by an insufferable Yankee fan (as per usual). While that year the Red Sox were in first place in mid May, he noted that the Yankees always started out slow and then always beat the Sox in the end. The Sox were a...
  14. DamageTrain

    There is a game and we need a thread 05/18

    Since May 7th, the Sox have played scintillating 500 ball to overtake the Orioles in exciting fashion. Blue Jays are next to go down. Win the series!!
  15. DamageTrain

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    I was a huge fan of Bob Stanley, perhaps because he was somewhat of an unlikable fellow. Always looked a bit uncomfortable in his uniform, curly hair escaping his hat. Smashing beach balls with his rake. He was not a particularly charismatic fellow. But when he was on, a damn good pitcher...
  16. DamageTrain

    Week 13 NFL Game Thread

    Funny call by buck: “ so that makes it second and 8 instead of second and 10 and so I guess… who cares?“
  17. DamageTrain

    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    Must have been. The first two misses by the Titan’s kicker sounded like Bellhorn hitting Pesky’s pole…
  18. DamageTrain

    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    On paper a 36-33 OT win seems like a. Thanksgiving classic. But the penalties made it a dreary affair…
  19. DamageTrain

    Week 10 NFL Game Thread

    This game has made me laugh out loud about four times in the last 20 minutes
  20. DamageTrain

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Would it make the union any happier if we could just put the robots in the umpires ear, like an announcers earbud? That way the umpires stay employed, the game doesn't look or feel different, it's just that none of the calls are wrong.