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  1. TheRealness

    World Juniors

    Riley Duran is playing for the US, and Locmelis is playing for Latvia.
  2. TheRealness

    2022 NHL Draft

    Could just be some loose Dyck parenting. Noah and Anita can be quite hard on their little Dycks.
  3. TheRealness

    2022 NHL Draft

    I wonder if Reid is Anita and Noah's son.
  4. TheRealness

    Chelsea 2022-23: Under New Ownership

    With all the rumors swirling around Sterling and Dembele to Chelsea, and now Lukaku to Inter on loan seemingly done, it appears Chelsea will forgo adding mid-field depth and CB depth they sorely need to be the first team in premier league history to start 11 wingers at the same time. I fear...
  5. TheRealness

    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Hello darkness my old friend….
  6. TheRealness

    Chelsea 2021-22 - Reigning Champions of Europe, and the World!

    I'd much rather see Chelsea move on from Werner and/or Ziyech. Pulisic generates more scoring opportunities than either, and if he can work out his finishing, could really be special opposite Mount, who he seems to have great chemistry with.
  7. TheRealness

    2022 Offseason

    No need to apologize! I appreciate you correcting the record. You were not harsh at all.
  8. TheRealness

    2022 Offseason

    I know when I am beat! lol
  9. TheRealness

    2022 Offseason

    I certainly do not have any more info than you! It was an assumption I made based on their time together, and history of the club with similar folks like Sinden. I appreciate you putting me in my place and correcting me! Thanks Fris.
  10. TheRealness

    2022 Offseason

    Sweeney is Neely's friend. You likely aren't getting rid of one without getting rid of the other. Old boys network dies hard.
  11. TheRealness

    Round 1 — Bruins - Canes

    So, I feel like playing less than 48 hours after the win in Boston helps the Bruins. Also afternoon games can have weird vibes, and I like anything that disrupts what they have done in Carolina so far.
  12. TheRealness

    Game 6 - Do or Die in the Garden

    Kelly green in the house tonight.
  13. TheRealness

    Game 6 - Do or Die in the Garden

    Makes sense to sit Gryz. He was their worst player in Game 5. Not sure if he's hurt, or the playoffs aren't kind to him, but he was bad.
  14. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Pens

    Thirsty for a win Thursday.
  15. TheRealness

    Bruins @ Blues

    Tuesday night hockey can be fun.
  16. TheRealness

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    View: Merkulov with a nice assist In providence.
  17. TheRealness

    Bruins v. Pens

    Time for a little afternoon delight.