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  1. AB in DC

    6/9 Fallen Angels

    How about some Damon/Affleck mojo? After a couple of 1-0 squeakers, it would be nice to see a good old-fashioned ass-kicking. Like this one: View:
  2. AB in DC

    6/8 @ Hell's Angels

    I'm no triskaidekaphobe, but any team that loses 13 in a row must have some kind of demonic possession going on. Let's keep it rolling and postpone the exorcism for another few days.
  3. AB in DC

    6/7 In the arms of the Angels

    View: All this time waiting for that second get back into the playoff race. Well, it's here. Win.
  4. AB in DC

    6/6 @Weeping Angels.

    No, not these Weeping Angels. I'm referring to the weeping LAA Angels who have lost 11 in a row, leaving their fanbase in tears across the country. Let's keep the misery going. Win.
  5. AB in DC

    6/5 @Oakland As-piring for Average

    Will this finally be the day that the Sox return to .500? Or like Zeno, will the team keep approaching the number but never actually reach it? Win today and we can aspire for something a bit more than just average.
  6. AB in DC

    6/4 @Oakland: The A Team

  7. AB in DC

    6/3 @Oakland: A is for Awesome

    Here in DC, Awesome Con 2022 begins today. Out on the West Coast, one Boston team had an awesome night against a Bay Area team. Can we make it two teams, two nights in a row? Win.
  8. AB in DC

    6/1 Seeing Red(s)

    Until today, I'd never started a Game Thread. Until today, I've never been the father of a 16-year-old. Now, this is were I'd like to say that a win would be a great birthday present. Unfortunately, the kid is not a baseball fan. But win anyway.
  9. AB in DC

    Shohei Ohtani now counts as two people, and other rules changes announced 3/31 1. Pitcher and DH can be the same person, and replacing him as pitcher does not require replacing him as DH and vice versa. 2. 28-man rosters through May 1, no limit on # of pitchers/non-pitchers 3. Man on second starting in extra innings again...
  10. AB in DC

    Looking back at the season, did the Patriots overperform or underperform?

    In mid-October, the team looked destined for mediocrity. In mid-December, the team looked like a favorite to win the AFC Championship. Which was the bigger mirage? Or did they end up right where they belonged?
  11. AB in DC

    HOF Class of 2022

    Vince Wilfork and Richard Seymour are semifinalists for the modern era vote. Wilfork is one of seven players making the semifinal list in their first year of eligibility...
  12. AB in DC

    Shouldn't we have a launch angle thread?

    Slate has an excerpt from a new book, The MVP Machine: How Baseball’s New Nonconformists Are Using Data to Build Better Players It's very Red Sox focused, so some of this is familiar, but it gives a bit more depth than I've seen elsewhere.
  13. AB in DC

    2019 HOF Finalists

    Didn't see this posted, sorry if I missed it in another thread. FINALISTS (Not counting the senior/contributor nominees) Nice to see both Ty Law and Richard Seymour on the list, but I don't think they have much of a shot with shoo-ins like Gonzalez, Bailey, and Reed.
  14. AB in DC

    Levangie saw Machado stealing signs

    link Poor Dana Levangie.
  15. AB in DC

    Scouting the Dodgers - what do we need to know?

    I'm hoping that there's someone out there who has followed the time who can chime in here, but in the meantime, here are a few observations just from looking at the stats: - Don't be fooled by the 91-71 record. The lineup was far and away the best in the NL by fWAR (33.0; Cubs were second at...
  16. AB in DC

    Wright likely to miss ALDS/ALCS (knee)

    Well this sucks.
  17. AB in DC

    Sox 2019 schedule

    Posted on today. Looks like we get that West Coast road trip out of the way really early. (p.s. As of this second, I only see the schedule through June 13, but supposedly the full schedule is available somewhere.)
  18. AB in DC

    Meaningful or meaningless? Playoff odds discussion

    Fangraphs has the Nats at 57.5% to make the playoffs, which seems a bit high to me. They have Nats and Phils finishing at about the same records, while BP has the Phils likely to be five games ahead. Either way, there's nothing like a series against the Marlins to shake a team out of the doldrums.
  19. AB in DC

    The Dodgers [s]are[/s]were really, really good(?)

    [Splitting out from the MLB Game Thread] has a nice stat-heavy piece on the 2017 Dodgers so far. Among the findings: ERA- is 4th best since 1920 27.4 percent hard-hit rate allowed, No. 1 in MLB 10.6 percent batting walk rate, highest in MLB, and 27.4 percent batting chase rate, second...
  20. AB in DC

    Usage-adjusted starting pitcher stats

    Last night's box score says that Doug Fister pitched 7 2/3 innings, allowing 2 runs (both earned) and 5 hits (1 HR) throwing 108 pitches. The box score is lie. What Doug Fister actually did can be best described as two completely separate things: Thing 1. Fister threw seven scoreless innings...