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  1. johnmd20

    HDR Sucks

    I have an Amazon Fire TV 4k Stick (the most recent version) and a brand new Samsung 4k TV. Streaming Netflix shows in HDR is a debacle, the color is completely washed out and the screen is dimmed. You can even see the screen literally dim when you start a HDR show, which is especially...
  2. johnmd20

    Who Can Carry The Load?

    Should we have a load management thread? I think we should, it's going to be an ongoing story all year. Already, the Clippers have been fined for dissenting stories about Kawhi's health and way he sat this week. Clippers Fined For Kawhi...
  3. johnmd20

    College Football Playoff Game Thread - ND/Clem & Bama/Okla

    I'm rooting for the underdogs. We'll see what happens.
  4. johnmd20

    Java on Chrome and SoSH

    I'm having a weird thing going on with the Chrome browser and SoSH. When Java is turned on, loading the pages takes about 20 seconds. It's a brutal delay. When Java is turned off, I lose a ton of functions, but the page loads in less than one second. So it's obviously Java related. Further, when...
  5. johnmd20

    Windows Black Screen With Curson

    So my wife installed an update last night on our desktop PC. I don't know what it was. This morning, the screen was totally black but the mouse cursor is available. I can start task manager and even open up certain programs manually. So the computer isn't broken. Just stuck somehow.   Has anyone...
  6. johnmd20

    The Great Playoff Cash Giveaway

    Hello. In the past, I have run a small group on ESPN where people pick fantasy lineups based upon the NFL playoffs.   ESPN Gridiron Challenge   In an effort to sweeten the pot, and make things more interesting, I am offering $500 to the winner(no entry fee required), $100 to the second place...