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  1. DLew On Roids

    IFAB Laws Revisions: The DOGSO Rule is not so Draconian

    The International Football Association Board has released a new set of laws for the game worldwide. You can get a rundown of some of the key points here, but it misses the elimination of automatic triple punishment (red card, penalty, suspension) for a denial of an obvious goal-scoring...
  2. DLew On Roids

    Calcio 2015-16: Where DLew and Zomp Actually Agree

    Rumors that Zomp and I actually root for the same Serie A club are true.  Totti per sempre!   What'll it take to get Parma back on its feet?   BACKNE.
  3. DLew On Roids

    Liverpool 2015-16: We Didn't Want To Play in Europe Anyway

    Rumor is that Liverpool are going to pay Luciano Vietto's release clause at Villareal: If they can talk him into coming to Liverpool instead...
  4. DLew On Roids

    May 15-18 Weekend Game Thread

    A little early, but I'm starting it now before I forget to mention a match with major European qualification ramifications this Saturday: West Ham and Everton top the Fair Play table. Because the EPL has one of the best disciplinary records in Europe, it gets an extra Europa League place for...
  5. DLew On Roids

    May 9 Weekend Game Thread

    Currently Everton 0 Sunderland 1 in the 79th minute.  The relegation competition is wild--Sunderland will go out of the relegation zone and into 14th if this score holds.
  6. DLew On Roids

    Make Heads Explode: Write a Speculative (Yet Conceivable) Headline

    Pardew and Ashley Talking Contract Extension
  7. DLew On Roids

    EPL Week 11 Game Thread

    Sweet gloves, Diego.
  8. DLew On Roids

    He Chomps Down Hard and SoSHers Go Wild: Predict Suarez's Punishment

    Remember, this isn't what you think should happen (I'm looking at you, SocrManiac), this is what you think will happen.
  9. DLew On Roids

    Liverpool 2014-15: Now Is Time On Merseyside When We Dance

    Will Coates return to anchor the back four?   Is Suso the new Sterling?   Fabio Borini: Can he save Liverpool from relegation to the Europa League?   Who's uglier: Daniel Agger or Martin Skrtel?   How much time does Mamadou Sakho spend getting his hair done?   Does Jon Flanagan have skin cancer...
  10. DLew On Roids

    Who's Going Down?

    10 Aston Villa 29 9 7 13 32 38 -6 34 11 Stoke City 30 8 10 12 32 44 -12 34 12 West Ham United 29...
  11. DLew On Roids

    January 2014 Transfer Deadline Day Game Thread

    I bring the sad news that The Guardian's Daniel Taylor is reporting that King of All Things Awesome Dimitar Berbatov is moving to Monaco.
  12. DLew On Roids

    Manchester City 2013-14: Champions-Confirmed (aka: Jinx Failed)

    Ordinarily I'd defer to one of the forum's fans of a club before starting a new thread, but this is too good to pass up: City is partnering with the MFY to create New York City FC. I couldn't expect someone to give up their club, but how does this affect the City fans' willingness to root for...