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  1. Norm loves Vera

    Looking for a multi purpose Laptop for my year as VFW State Commander. Budget $600ish

    Hi, I need to invest in a higher grade laptop then I normally use. As the new RI State VFW Commander I am focused on training my individual Post Commanders and also revamping State VFW website and doing some graphic design for flyers and such. I will be facilitating Zooms and sharing my screen...
  2. Norm loves Vera

    Free Zoom session tonight (Mon 9/14) on the Red Sox and WWII

    This looks interesting and is only 1 hour tonight 5:30-6:30. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Historical Society A conversation led by Gorden Edes, Historian of the Boston Red Sox, with authors Bill Nowlin, Anne Keene and Michael Connelly LINK to Registration
  3. Norm loves Vera

    Looking for a PC /URI Game stream

    Hi, a few of us with our kids are in a remote area that only has Fios and not Cox cable that is carrying the game today. Any ideas of where I can go online to watch the game? Google isn't helping. Thanks.
  4. Norm loves Vera

    Convert phone shot videos to Landscape from Portrait

    I am putting together a video from various types of phones/video cameras with about half of them in portrait and the rest in landscape.  Is there free video editing software to convert the portrait videos to landscape?  I don't want to just rotate 90 degrees as that just has the video sideways. ...
  5. Norm loves Vera

    Not Sure Of What's Happening

    Not sure I see this happening but....   Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 11m11 minutes ago Free-agent WR Wes Welker tells @Toucherandrich he's healthy and "I want to keep playing." Says he wouldn't be opposed to playing for Pats.
  6. Norm loves Vera

    laptop dropped, hard drive issue (I think)

    I have a Leveno G700 that I bought refurbished online at the Leveno Outlet site last Feburary.  I have upgraded the ram and overall, I am happy with it.  This weekend it dropped on it's left side edge, where the power cord plugs in and the hard drive resides.   The power cord is bent but works...
  7. Norm loves Vera

    Football by Football

    I saw a tweet today by Breer about the site, and I am intrigued:   Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 8m Former Patriot/Jet @chatham58 just launched . Pretty cool idea, with ex-players bringing their insight. Check 'em out.   " is a football...
  8. Norm loves Vera

    2014 Nippon Professional Baseball Payrolls (Per NPB Tracker)

    Every now and then I find myself perusing websites/blogs that cover various international professional baseball leagues and players.  NPB Tracker is very informative IMHO and the fonder and main contributer, Patrick Newman, is very responsive to emails.  I think he would be a great member here...
  9. Norm loves Vera

    Patriots 2014 Opponents announced (AFC West/NFC North)

    Home Bills Dolphins Jets Broncos Bears Bengals Lions Raiders Away Bills Dolphins Jets Chargers Chiefs Colts Packers Vikings   I am definitely going to the KC Chiefs game... While a lot can happen over the course of a year, but this looks like a pretty tough road schedule..   ...