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  1. mauidano

    8/4 - The Eric (formerly known as Brad) Hosmer Era Begins

    View: We are in Kansas City and welcome in our new First Baseman and say goodbye to our old pal, JBJ.
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    Cowboy Joe West Rides Off Into The Sunset All things considered a very storied career. Angel Hernandez should be next.
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    Yankees Making Dreams Come True

    I bawled my eyes out watching this video. Worth every second of your time. Class at the highest level. Just awesome!!!
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    The MiLB Purge Begins... Thousands of kids see their dream come to an end. It was expected with the end of the month coming up and teams having to commit to paying these kids another month. My nephew was caught up in the purge this...
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    Tigers Broadcast Team Fighting!

    Apparently the Tigers broadcast team has been fighting harder than the team. Fight!
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    2017 MLB All-Star Game

    And here we go! I'm going with the American League.
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    Josh Hamilton released by Texas

    The Texas Rangers have released Josh Hamilton. What a long, strange trip this has been. Bizarre on some levels and quite the well documented story. Hasn't played since 2015 and still cashing the $30 MM this year and $ 30 MM next year, mostly by the Angels...
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    Home Run Derby Thread

    All the info you need to know is here. For the love of God and country, please, is it asking too much to NOT have Chris Berman do this thing tonight?
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    30th Anniversary of Clemens 20 K's

    Will this ever happen again? And to think Roger did it twice! Were any of the SoSH family there that night and what do you remember?
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    Maria Sharapova Fails Drug Test

    Sharapova announcing today that she failed a drug test at the Aussie Open. The pressure to get to Serena a little too much? Of course, she says it was an accident.
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    Super Bowl 50 Game Thread

    Not sure if we have a dedicated thread for the game so here you go. Move this or whatever.
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    HS Football Players Target Ref with Cheap Shots

    This is pretty crazy when you see it.  Two Texas HS football players appear to intentionally target and run into a referee after he had ejected two of their team mates on previous plays.  Absolutely dangerous and these kids are toast now.   Coaches; your takes on this...   Story via ESPN...
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    Kirk Gibson Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

    This just bummed me out. He was always one of my favorite players. Grew up with him as a stud football player at Mich. St. Univ. and of course with the hometown Tigers.  Of course no one can forget his glory days with the Dodgers and his iconic home run.   Best wishes Kirk, fight the good fight...
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    Bean visiting MLB Teams

    Important discussion today in Red Sox camp...   Former MLB player Billy Bean speaking around the league about acceptance, inclusion and his experiences.  
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    Shane Victorino Foundation Golf/Dinner - Maui 2014

    Had a blast as usual with Shane and everyone for the annual excuse to have fun and get silly.  I DJ on the golf course and then have fun at the dinner.  Here's a look at some of the participants at this years event.  Kolton Wong and Jason Vargas can absolutely crush a golf ball...
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    Pedey Making Wishes Come True

    Getting "Dusty" in here...ESPN My Wish.  This will run on ESPN throughout the day today too on Sportscenter.
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    Gold Glove Coaches

    Love this story today and how Butterfield and Beyler got the appreciation from Victorino and Pedey.  We got some classy guys on our team.
  18. mauidano

    CC & Jay-Z team up!

    Good luck with that new contract when you are 36 and in decline even more so.  What kind of "off field" endorsements can Jay Z get CC?  McDonald's?