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  1. fletcherpost

    Howe Soon Is Now? - Scottish Fitbaw 21/22

    Now is the time to start the new thread cos the saga is finally at an end - Howe to Celtic is off. Howe did it come to pass? "It is not clear why the ex-Bournemouth boss decided against the move, but it is understood the make-up of his backroom...
  2. fletcherpost

    It's the international break. Game thread.

    'Tiz the time for International footie. Just noticed Wales and Ireland are both playing World Cup Qualifiers. Ireland drawing 1-1 away to Serbia. Wales are down 2-1 to Belgium. I can't help thinking Beligum need to win one of the big tournies with this golden generation they have right now...
  3. fletcherpost

    The leagueth returneth

    So we've taken down the decorations, we've endured the 3rd round of Fa Cup Matches - now we're back to some semblance of what we now call normal. Three Premier league matches today. Starting with what is bound to be a goal fest thriller - Free Scoring Blades at home to Scintilating Freeflowing...
  4. fletcherpost

    Match Week 33 Game Thread

    In the early kick off Brighton get a much needed win at Norwich to go to 36 points, which might well be be enough. Norwich are doomed. Man U went a goal down at home to Bournemouth, But Greenwood smashed one in a few mins ago and now they have a pen - Rashford slots it home - 2-1 to United...
  5. fletcherpost

    Flowers for Rashford

    Marcus Rashford is a great man. I felt i had to bring this to the attention of the soccer loving Sosh contingent. Some background: The poorest kids in the UK get free school meals. Because the schools are closed vouchers have been issued and given to those families who would have gotten free...
  6. fletcherpost

    Mid Week Matches 29/30 Jan

    Burnley are leading at Old Trafford and as i type Newcastle lead Man City Brighton have blown a 2 goal lead. Man U just leveled. Some great games.
  7. fletcherpost

    10/20 Weekend Game Thread - A View From The Bridge

    Chelsea Currently 1-0 against Utd as we head into half time. I haven't looked at any of the stats but to my eyes, Utd haven't pressed or pushed Chelsea who have mostly coasted through the half. Hazard is playing well within himself, i feel he could turn it on at any time. The goal came from a...
  8. fletcherpost

    EPL April 14-16 The first week of Flip Flop Wearing Season?

    Saints are up now 2-0 v Chelsea, who might have skipped a training session to buy flip flops, with half a mind on their FA Cup semi final. This will be the first time in five years Conte hasn't won a league title. No one has offered to dry his tears. It's now 2-1 Giroud just scored.