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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I have had issues with my roku this year every game. It’s fine on the iPad or computer, but roku gets 15-20 minutes behind by the end of the game with so much buffering.
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    Ok, I admit I was Wrrrrr. wrrrrr. wrong about this team.

    My son, who is 8, was watching the first game with me when GH went down. I spent the next couple of days explaining why the season was over, and he has spent the last few months reminding me that I was wrong, He also told me the Pats were going to win the Super Bowl last year. In the 3rd...
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    Books on Red Sox history for kids

    My son came to me today asking if I had any books on the Sox that he could read. He wants to know about what happened before he started following them. (Oh, to be born into a world where the concept of a curse makes no sense). I own a few books myself, which he decided were to hard, and to be...
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    Xander and Mookie in 2016

    Wrong place.
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    Your Red Sox Blind Spot

    I still believe Robinson Checo can help this team.
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    Devices for MLBtv 2016

    I use Chromecast and Appletv. Always been fine
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    (Boston) sports podcast recommendations

    Bump for the new season. Looking for Sox podcasts specifically (beyond prospects). All I get in Florida is either "how do we fix the Heat" or "the Dolphins always suck."
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    Fivethirtyeight remembers....
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    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    I said 1986. It's because of 1986 that I am a Red Sox fan. I remember having a cut out from the news paper on my bulletin board in my room (I was 10) that had the stat of the most consecutive wins to start a season, with Roger high up on the list of names I had never heard of. That year made me...
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    iPhone 6s and other Apple announcements today

    Question. I have an 5c. The battery is not good, and I need a new phone. Here's my decision. I really don't want the larger size that began with the 6. It just seems to big for what I do with the phone. Given that, I'm not sure which phone to get. Part of me wants to just get the 5s. It's...
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    Pedro Martinez Memories

    This game. 1998, towards the beginning of his tenure. I remember him saying in the interview after the game something along the lines of "I guess that will have to do" when asked about the lack of run support. Nothing about that fact that the team wasn't that good, or that he's just trying to do...
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    Time to move Joe Kelly to the pen?

    With the 6 man rotation coming to an end, is Kelly the odd man out? Edes hints...
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    What went wrong?

    The entire season changed when they signed Drew. It was completely reactionary, and not what we expected from this front office. Did it really effect X? Who knows, but clearly it didn't help. I can't really explain why I hated to move so much, as there were clearly some good arguments for the...
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    Indiana Jones and the Acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton

    Not that this is current, or that it changes anything, but living here in Florida I clearly remember when David Samson was in love this guy...
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    Bold Predictions For The 2014 Season

    Marlins are contending for a Wild Card come July and trade Stanton for prospects...
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    Projecting Sizemore

    "Sizemore is one year older" This just made my jaw hit the floor. (Edited because I am not so smart and can't figure out the quote option on the app)
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    Google Chromecast

    I have trouble with HBOgo. Tons of pausing, hiccups etc. Only with HBO. Anyone else have this issue??
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    Bard DFA

    Rarely in sports do I feel bad for someone.  This is an exception.  Best of luck, Mr. Bard. 
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    Mad Dog Radio With Chris Russo on Sirius XM

    He needs someone with him. He was on with the morning show a few weeks ago and went at it with Evan Cohen over the Pats and Hernandez. It was awesome. Reminded me of the Fan days. On his own he has little passion, but when gets riled up??? Brilliant.