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    Pairing existing Apple Watch to iPhone 14

    With the battery on my iPhone 11 dying, I decided to get the 14 Pro this morning rather than replace the 11’s battery. It’s mostly been fine, but I can’t get my watch to pair to it. When I try, I get stuck on this screen: Anyone else ever run into this and have suggestions?
  2. RSN Diaspora

    Having abandoned DirecTV a little over a year ago, I used streaming NFL Sunday Ticket last year without issue. This year isn’t off to a good start: it works on AppleTV but when I use my IPhone or IPad, I get the below error message. I live in DC, no where near the Commanders’ stadium in...
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    Game 7 - Bruins @ Carolina - Destroy the Civic (Center)

    I was going to wait until tomorrow to start this thread, but @RG33 forced my hand. In 1997, the Whalers left the Hartford Civic Center for the last time, decamping for Raleigh, NC to become the Hurricanes. Tomorrow night, the Bruins destroy the 'Canes much like the city of Hartford should...
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    Game 6 - Do or Die in the Garden

    Last night the Garden was a house of horrors, as the C's coughed up a fourteen-point lead in the fourth quarter. Tonight, the Bruins restore good juju to Causeway Street with a win that forces this series back to Raleigh. Sway redeems himself, Lindholm comes to the rescue, and Pasta does Pasta...
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    Living and Dying by the Three-Pointer

    As the C's put away game two, I made the following note in the game thread: But this wasn't a universally held opinion: So can we continue to live and die by the three, effectively ceding the paint for all but occasional mismatches and openings? The Celtics made 20 three-pointers last...
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    3/30 - Return of the Watertown Drinking Club

    @Deathofthebambino @ElijahPumpsieGreen @NYCSox @JShams @HomeRunBaker, any other members of the Back Hair and Medicare Fraud Caucus along with our odar SoSH brethren: this is an all hands on deck situation. The Heat are at the Garden tonight--the stakes are obvious. ESPN is reporting that TL...
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    1/28: The Drunk Armenian Winning Streak

    DoTB is on to something. I got so hammered at the Celtics/Wizards game that I needed help piecing the evening back together: @HomeRunBaker, clearly @Deathofthebambino and I have done our job. It's up to you to carry us to victory on Friday. Avenge our loss to the Hawks in November, and we'll...
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    1/25: Time to Sac Up

    Home Sweet Home after torching the Wiz in DC on Sunday. The Kings are a miserable 18-30. Beating them tonight gets us above .500, and everyone is healthy other than the obvious (Bol and Dozier). So…win.
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    1/23: Celtics at Les Boulez

    The Wizards née Bullets (or Les Boulez to the locals) had a promising start to the season but find themselves in a similar state of mediocrity that we find the Celtics in. Last time we were in DC, we lost in double-overtime. I wore my Paul Pierce jersey to the game, and maybe it was bad juju...
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    Game Threads

    I realize the site has evolved from "all things Red Sox" to "all things Boston sports" to a more nebulous message board, but assuming this is still primarily a Boston sports board, is there a reason we allow open cheering for opponents of Boston teams in the game threads? They wouldn't do this...
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    16 Days in January—Determining Trade Deadline Activity

    In the midst of a three-game losing streak that feels more like a ten-game streak after that Minneapolis monstrosity, we have the Suns tomorrow and then sixteen games in January to figure out whether we stand pat and try to limp into a play-in game, buy, or sell. In particular, the consecutive...
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    5/15 - Hall Aboard the Playoff Train

    Somewhere in the last year or so I crossed the point where I’ve spent a majority of my life in the District of Columbia. It’s a great city, but man do I hate their fucking hockey team. 7:15, Capital One Arena. Fuck the Caps, double fuck Tom Wilson, Bruins win.
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    Les Athlétisme de Montréal or The Vegas Aces?

    At, Jeff Passan is reporting that Oakland is considering a move out of the city if they cannot come to terms on a new ballpark. Teams threatening to leave for stadium offers elsewhere is nothing new--it's a time-honored leverage tactic used to get municipalities to pony up large sums...
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    5/8 - "Hall"ywood Squares

    Shadoe Stevens started his career in Boston radio. He of course went on to bigger and better things after his stint at WRKO, including being the voice of Hollywood Squares and becoming a bonafide star. Taylor Hall has gone on to bigger and better things as well, after languishing in Edmonton...
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    5/6 - Halloumi Cheese

    So OT sucked the other night. Third period wasn't a picnic either. But a decimated and demoralized Rags squad should be just what the doctor ordered. We got one point then, let's get two tonight. Victory is never cheesy. 7:00 at the Garden. NBCSN for those of us out of market.
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    5/4 - Hallelujah

    Now I've heard there was a secret chord Taylor Hall played, and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for Jersey, do you? The Garden State, it is the pits The Turnpike always smells like shit But now we're in the playoffs, Hallelujah 7:00 tonight, again at the Prudential Center. We can...
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    5/3 - Standing in the Hall of Fame

    Standing in the hall of fame (yeah) And the world's gonna know your name (yeah) 'Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah) And the world's gonna know your name (yeah) And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame 7:00 tonight, in the armpit of America, the Bruins face off against the...
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    5/1 - Today’s Matinee: Annie Hall

    Annie Hall may have won best picture, but Woody Allen is still a scumbag. You know who isn’t a scumbag? Charlie Coyle. Much like Manny Ramirez once was, he’s back and he’s back big. 1:00 puck drop at the Garden. NHL Network for anyone else like me who typically relies on illicit streams.
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    4/29 - Dance Hall Days

    Score some goals with Brad Marchand On his head, Tuukka will stand Ristolainen is a heel A victory I do feel We were so in phase In Taylor Hall days Another goal from Krej When I, you and everyone we knew Could believe, do and share in what was true Bruins v. Sabres at 7:00 EDT tonight. This...
  20. RSN Diaspora

    4/27 - Hall and Adam Oates

    This guy may have run himself out of town, but he is a HOFer, and even he knows that Pittsburgh is a shit town with shit franchises. Puck drops at 7:00, and I will be finding creative ways to ignore my children and watch revenge for that 1-0 bullshit on Sunday.