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  1. Oil Can Dan

    Watson to Cleveland

    Quite the turnaround. He’ll be a Brown.
  2. Oil Can Dan

    2019 Eagles: I Wentz You Back

    Nick Foles will have left the building so it's all on Wentz now. His 2018 season ended prematurely with back issues. Will he revert to his 2017 MVP level? I suspect that his lost offseason between 2017 and 2018 had a bigger impact than most account for, and so I think he will. But there are...
  3. Oil Can Dan

    Where can I find a four port, two way splitter?

    I have a mac and a PC on my desk, and I use a simple splitter to switch between them. All good. I need to add a 2nd monitor, but I still want to be able to use a splitter to switch between the mac and the PC. Is this possible? Everything I find on the google seems like it wouldn't fit this...
  4. Oil Can Dan

    2018 Eagles: Blinded by the Lombardi

    We’re on to 2018 after a miraculous 2017. The team returns 21 of 22 starters. Key losses: LGBT Torrey Smith Patrick Robinson Trey Burton Vinny Curry Beau Allen Additions: Mike Wallace Dallas Goedert Michael Bennet Haloti Ngata Wentz may not be ready by week1 but SB MVP Nick Foles is ready...
  5. Oil Can Dan

    Recommend me a laptop, v2018

    I know we've had laptop recommendation threads in the past but even a year ago is a lifetime in technology. I need a solid but unspectacular laptop for travel that will primarily be used for excel and light internet usage. I can't handle mining large data files on the iPad. I figured it would...
  6. Oil Can Dan

    To SFTP or not to SFTP

    My small business needs to work with a particular vendor that requires us to be able to receive data via SFTP. We don't really have any infrastructure and for other vendors we've used Dropbox for business, google sheets or simply mailing files around. These things will not work for this...
  7. Oil Can Dan

    PC to Mac server networking is not for me

    I have a mac server. I have three window's 10 PCs. One of the PC's can see the server, the other two cannot. I am not smart. I am willing to pay someone that is smart to come fix this problem, but I am not even smart enough to figure out how to do that. Apparently the Geek Squad no longer...
  8. Oil Can Dan

    2016 Eagles: Nothing But the Second Best

    Today the Eagles signed Bradford to a two year, $36m deal with $26m guaranteed and another $4m in incentives. It'll be somewhat interesting to see the details but bottom line is Bradford is back for 2016, which is good IMO. It'll be interesting to see if the Bradford continues to improve...
  9. Oil Can Dan

    Super Bowl prop bets

    Found some SB prop bets online and thought it would be fun to take a look at some and make some predictions here. The list I found is here, and here are some I'm interested in: Team to score first in the game Carolina Panthers -150 (2/3) Denver Broncos +120 (6/5) I suspect everyone and...
  10. Oil Can Dan

    Want Your Picture Taken With the Patriots Four Super Bowl Rings?

    I just ran across this on another site and figured some here may be interested, so passing along: Patriots fans and championship ring enthusiasts can visit the Blessed Sacrament School in Walpole MA, and take pictures with these four super bowl rings: The event takes place during Blessed...
  11. Oil Can Dan

    Pedro Martinez Memories

    I know we've had threads like this before, but it's Pedro HOF weekend and I think it's appropriate and okay if we're a little bit repetitive.  If this should go somewhere else please move on my behalf.   I was born & raised in Boston but moved to VA when I was 10 in 1981.  I took the love of...
  12. Oil Can Dan

    Live stock quotes into excel?

    I used to use MSN Money to get live stock quotes into excel, but it seems that no longer works.  I've googled around and found numerous tutorials on how to accomplish this, but each one has some thing that I either can't figure out or doesn't work.   Does anyone know how to import live stock...
  13. Oil Can Dan

    Migrating Outlook contacts

    I'm planning on changing jobs soon. Once I resign I figure IT will disable my email account that day and I assume my outlook contacts will disappear then too. Is there a way I can save or migrate these?