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  1. Rod Becks Mullet

    Blazers commentators will not travel with team

    My company still sent announcers on site for football once games started post pandemic, with production teams back at a REMI studio because of the ability to see the entire field. Absolute headache dealing with setups and zoom meetings. The communication needed to be PERFECT since there was a...
  2. Rod Becks Mullet

    Google Forms / Other software for player evaluations

    Are you okay with coaches seeing others replies? We use Google docs to do it. Each team has its own column to fill out. You could always make each team have their own tab.
  3. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    So I'm not having the same issues with the touch ID, already getting used to the thumb moreso than I ever did the finger imprint (I found myself typing in my code more often). For some reason it's taking FOR-EVER to update all my apps. To the point where I have them updating one at a time...
  4. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    I'm 0 for 2 today. FedEx late delivering, hoping I get it tomorrow. Tried to order the Pixel Buds but the promo code Google sent isn't working.
  5. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    I ordered a 6, just shipped today. Looking forward to it. My 3+ year old Pixel 2 is beaten to hell, ready to get replaced. I couldn't justify the extra cost for the Pro, think the 6 will fit my needs well enough.
  6. Rod Becks Mullet

    Field scheduling issues

    this may be what I'm looking for! thanks for the recommendation
  7. Rod Becks Mullet

    Field scheduling issues

    Thanks for all the input. the 2 elementary school fields we use are actually the school soccer fields, failed to mention that. Again, good area for the younger kids. The high school has one turf field that we get can't access to (soccer, lacrosse and track share it in spring). We usually...
  8. Rod Becks Mullet

    Field scheduling issues

    I'm at a bit of a loss and looking for some help. My local little league is in a small district, each graduating class is about 100 kids for perspective. We have very limited fields due to the size of our town. Three main fields, one tee-ball sized field and occasional use of two fields at...
  9. Rod Becks Mullet

    Recommend me a laptop, v2018

    another bump for this thread as we near Shopping Hell Weekend. I need a new laptop for personal home use. Wife prefers Windows based, I'm open to the idea of a Chromebook. Basic internet usage and other simple stuff such as Word/Excel. We did cut the cable cord recently, so something I could...
  10. Rod Becks Mullet

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Ian Browne‏Verified account @IanMBrowne 2m2 minutes ago Rodriguez starting Game 4 for Red Sox.
  11. Rod Becks Mullet

    Game systems

    thanks for all the input, sounds like the Switch is the way to go. There are a couple kids on the street with systems, don't think too many of his friends have one as of now. I assume we could always get a second one when the kids get older and have their own interests.
  12. Rod Becks Mullet

    Game systems

    I need a little help (dopes: feel free to move to Blind Leading the Stupid) as I'm looking to purchase a gaming system for my kids this Christmas. Oldest is about to turn 8, I've got a son in the middle who is really into baseball and soccer, so sports games are a must. Looks like my best...
  13. Rod Becks Mullet

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I am hitting the fall season for the first time as a YouTube TV user. How does it do recording when over runs are needed? I know I plug in what I want recorded but it doesn't look like I can extend a record. Will it pick up if football or something runs long and into the scheduled recording?
  14. Rod Becks Mullet

    New WiFi router or Mesh network

    So I need to improve the router situation in my house. It's approximately 2500 sq feet, 2 floors, router is on the first floor in the middle, but we get almost no service on the 2nd (had to add an extender to get even a weak signal). The current router is probably 7 years old, so not sure if a...
  15. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    So I just got the Pixel 2 and tried charging at work by connecting my new USB (with the adapter) to my computer. Didn't work. Doing the research it seems like USB C doesn't always work with standard USB power connections? I travel a lot and rely on using USB to charge in hotels, cars, etc... Is...
  16. Rod Becks Mullet

    Red Sox bar The Riviera in NYC is closing

    oh man, the memories from that place. I will never forget game 7 vs the MFYs in 04 when the entire bar was singing God Bless America with Ronan Tynan with the Sox holding the lead. The whole song and release felt so cathartic after dealing with the pain in 03. It was a very fun group. Wish I...
  17. Rod Becks Mullet

    Live Sports Production Catch All

    Unfortunately for crews, this has become the norm in the NFL. There are a number of teams - Patriots and Eagles being the most difficult to deal with - that are at the line so fast that tv needs to be back and ready to play quicker than they would for others. It means missing opportunities to...
  18. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    anybody with a Nexus get the 6.01 update? Came through last week and ever since then, my exchange email won't sync. Was working fine before the update, now...nada.
  19. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    Question about an unlocked phone. I finally got a Nexus 6 with the plan to switch to Google Fi when my Sprint deal is up next month. I brought it to a Sprint store to get a sim card and was told they need to make sure they can put it in their stock. Does that just mean that they are clearing...
  20. Rod Becks Mullet

    4G Android phone megathread

    possibly stupid question - my Sprint contract is up in October and I was hoping to ride it out with my Galaxy 4 until then, but its been going downhill quickly.  I've been on the Google Fi waiting list about a month (still showing 4-8 weeks as my waiting period), but was thinking of purchasing a...