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  1. Pozo the Clown

    Which Sox Hurler (if any) Will Join Tracy Stallard in Serving Up History?

    Aaron Judge sits at 60 homers entering the 4-game series against the Sox. Will Judge match and surpass Maris during the series? What say you SOSH? I'm going with Brasier to serve up #61.
  2. Pozo the Clown

    W.S. Hangover Cures: The Devil is in the Details...

    Repeating (in baseball) is never easy. If it was, someone would've done it since the last millennium. How Cora, DD, et al, will go about seeking the elusive cure for "the hangover" should prove fascinating and worthy of its own thread (unless the Dopes disagree). Please keep the emotional...
  3. Pozo the Clown

    Catch as Catch Can...

    Cora has stated that the Sox are unlikely to carry 3 catchers again this year. So, who stays/goes and why?
  4. Pozo the Clown

    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    The (once-again) agonizingly slow marketplace for high-end free agents, coupled with the Sox having numerous key players with the ability to test next offseason's market makes this a fascinating period to ponder if any extensions will get done now or during the season. There's also the fact...
  5. Pozo the Clown

    How Deep Into October Do the Sox Have to Go For You to Consider '18 to Have Been a Success?

    I'm firmly in the Duck Boat category. What say the rest of you?
  6. Pozo the Clown

    Setting Up the Rotation for the Rest of the Season

    With the acquisition of Eovaldi and the uncertainty surrounding ERod, Pom and Wright, I figured the time was right to create a new thread to discuss how the rotation (as opposed to the overall pitching depth) will play out the rest of the season. Mods feel free to merge/lock if you feel...
  7. Pozo the Clown

    How Many 2018 Regular Season Games Will JDM Start in the OF?

    Per the linked article below: "Mookie Betts will be back in center field soon.... Manager Alex Cora has laid out his plans to use Betts in center field occasionally during road games this season in a scenario that would have J.D. Martinez on the field in one of the corner spots while giving...
  8. Pozo the Clown

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    It's been suggested in other threads that there should be a separate Hanley thread, so I'm taking the bull by the horns. There's been some wildly varying opinions on what becomes of Hanley in 2018, from DFA'ed before camp breaks to hitting 3rd in the order. It should be an interesting ride...
  9. Pozo the Clown

    Lavarnway DFA

    Not exactly a sexy topic (with everything else that's Sox-related right now).  But I figured the guy at least deserved a thread:
  10. Pozo the Clown

    Will the Yankees Make a Move on Lester?

    Not surprisingly, the "Premature...Lester" thread has revealed some marked polarity with regard to the MFYs.  Some would "pick the Red Sox as presently built (with 52 OFs) 100x times over than the Yankees."  Some feel that the "craziest" thing on the thread is "that there appear to be people...