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    Celtics vs Warriors (Recent) History

    There's a thread about the 2022 editions of the teams, and their forthcoming titanic struggle. That's all great. But it's also a long 4 days until Game 1, and in between, my thoughts have turned to all of the great games these two teams have played, in particular the last few years. In the...
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    Help me haggle with my cable provider

    So I use Comcast Xfinity, just for internet. My one goal is, pay the least amount possible. Had a $35/month introductory rate they were giving me for a year, but a few months that went to a $55/m plan, all just for the lowest level of internet they're willing to publicly advertise. Does...
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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    M0ckduck gave us a poser in the Ortiz-slam thread (remembering 2013), and then fleshed out a scenario: We had some early nominations: now, let's get the rest of 'em in and vote. 1975 WS Game 6 (Fisk) is obviously up there, probably leading the list. 2013 ALCS Game 2 was a snoozer up...
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    Bundesliga 20-21: Bayern and 17 other teams

    A much-shorter-than-usual summer break, and here we are, ready to start this weekend. Anyone getting into the Bundesliga for the first time? Take this surprisingly well-designed quiz to find your team! Come...
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    2020 NY Giants: Swearin' and Saquon

    Every bit of my Pats-fan brain wants to root against them, for 2007 and 2011 and John Mara fucking us during Ballghazi. But with Joe Judge aboard as head coach, and Logan Ryan and Nate Ebner signed, I'm very torn. I want to wish those guys well. It's not their fault that Matt Light couldn't...
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    On Assets and Liabilities: Celtics Playoff Bench vs their Peers

    So in the Hayward thread, radsoxfan and I had a brief exchange on whether our end-of-rotation players were, collectively, a liability. This is a tough question to answer, because any deep-bencher is going to look bad by comparison to NBA starters. Let's compare. My impression is that the...
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    Predict the UCL Result

    OK, you've all gotten a preview. Who ya got?
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    Allowed attachment file extensions?

    Hey, what are the allowed extensions? Images work, documents don't seem to, but it doesn't tell me what's kosher and what's not. Either way, for Members, I'd say we should be able to upload .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, on top of .pdf and the image extensions. I'm sure if we think for a...
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    The NBA's long-term growth prospects

    Throwaway line from the gamethread is thread-worthy on its own: Their shot at that is largely thanks to David Stern seeding the game globally decades ago, while the NFL still has yet to really commit to that. Stern gets crap for a few things, but he largely had the golden touch for 30 years...
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    Champions League 2019-20: The Final Countdown

    So that's a wrap on the R16. The QFs are set, single-elimination from here out. All matches in Lisbon, Portugal, split between the home stadiums of Benfica (incl the final) and Sporting CP. (A) Wed 8/12, 3pm: Atalanta - PSG (B) Thu 8/13, 3pm: RB Leipzig - Atletico (C) Fri 8/14, 3pm: Barcelona...
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    Alyssa Nakken makes her MLB debut

    We've got plenty to wring our hands about in baseball right now, so why not celebrate the great moments this year wherever we can find them? 30yo coach Alyssa Nakken became the first woman to coach in an on-field capacity in MLB history yesterday, and her jersey went to the HOF after the game...
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    Most iconic baseball images / moments of the past decade: Nominations

    A sidenote-to-a-sidenote in the Indians renaming thread deserves some exploration: Let's answer this question. Now taking nominations for anything 2010-present. Besides the bat flip, a few obvious ones: - the David Freese game-tying triple, 2011 WS Game 6 - David Ortiz grand slam / torii...
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    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    Someone had a great comment about Belichick on truth serum in the other thread and it got me thinking. The situation: You are in possession of a unique piece of Lacrosse memorabilia which Bill Belichick covets. In exchange, you have demanded not money but rather that he answer 5 questions...
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    Womens' Basketball

    I looked around and couldn't readily find a WNBA or Womens BB thread, and figure there ought to be one - we do know there are some WNBA fans here, and commentary on the Women's NCAA tournament in the College forum, but nothing more general. I'll start it off with this gem of a retrospective - I...
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    Could Jimmy G have won SB53 on the Pats?

    Alternative-history debate I was having with another Pats-fan friend today. Why not pose it here, what the hell else are we doing right now. Suppose Brady rips the still-beating hearts out of Atlanta fans in SB51, eats it on live TV like he did... and then promptly retires after the game...
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    2020 Proto-season: Articles, retrospectives and other Baseball Content While We Wait

    Sam Miller of ESPN today put out a fantastic article on the wildest baseball stories each of the 30 teams has been involved with (excepting the Astros, meant as a comparison of all the others to the Astros...)...
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    Likelihood of an NFL 2020 Season

    Moving this over from the Youth / Coaches board: I take your point that it's an impracticality for them to get risk down to zero. However, there's some combination of quarantining the athletes, coaches and decent amount of sideline staff, and letting go (or having them not attend / do...
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    Abusive behavior in Hockey

    Went back and looked, didn't see a discussion for this already. So maybe this was common knowledge among bigger hockey fans than I am, but while I kinda peripherally assumed a lot of hockey teams were full of the worst kinds of machismo and hazing, it's very different seeing it confirmed in...
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    Mark Cuban vs The World: Whose side are you on?

    Let's make this a poll! So, Mark Cuban has filed an official protest over this end-of-game play. There's layers to this, we'll get to them. With ~10 seconds remaining and Atlanta leading by 2, Trae Young makes a layup attempt that gets blocked. As John Collins goes up for the rebound (which...
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    Global Basketball Odds and Ends

    We have an NBA forum, we have a College Sports forum, but there's a lot of other ball out there, and sometimes it's worth noting. Post your hot prospects, your "checking in on old friend ____" posts, your crazy plays: View: