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    Man in the Arena on ESPN Plus

    I don’t know if it was the first time they played it but if I remember correctly it was a song that was often played on Friday’s on the Bertrand and Zolak radio show. And the Pats actually gave up the 4th down conversion. Thankfully it set up Duron “human victory cigar” Harmon to make a game...
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    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    My goodness that was dumb
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    Man in the Arena on ESPN Plus

    I thought it was good. Not any earth shattering new stuff for Pats fans but it was well produced and entertaining. I'll definitely be watcing the rest of the series. ESPN+ also has a 25 min video of Willie McGinest breaking down plays from that Super Bowl which was a good watch. Its part of...
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    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    Inside the NFL from u/timnog on reddit. The talking head intro stuff is cut off from the beginning but the highlights are there.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    that was quite impressive by green bay.
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    Week 14 Game Thread

    beckham is fast
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    Week 14 Game Thread

    belichick had it all figured out
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    Week 14 Game Thread

    i get going for the first down but the titans really need to burn more clock and/or timeouts there
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    Week 14 Game Thread

    an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after a td is almost a benefit at this point. wouldn't it make more sense to assess it on the extra point or two point try?
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    Turkey Day Game Thread

    This game should be tied. Also the colts should be ashamed. Their last two red zone drives played out play for play the same including head shots to a rushing quarterback.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Whether Seattle handled the balls or not is irrellevent. Both of these images are evidence that the league couldn't give less of a shit about PSI. The fact that both pictures are of Seattle special teams is just a coincidence.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    did baldwin just pose after a PI call?
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    oakland has to finish or they are gonna dominate this game and lose on 2 big plays
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    von miller definitley moved into the neutral zone before crabtree on that false start.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    yeah, oakland has to covert. gotta put this team away early
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    Week 7 Game Thread

    "its been a very well officiated game tonight" I'm sure mcdonough took no flak from the league this past week
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    Week 5 Game Thread

    I know they are controlling this game right now but how is this packers offense sustainable? Rodgers just hops/runs around for 5 seconds until someone maybe gets open. He then hits them on the run with a wrist flick. its like watching a bunch of twelve year olds at recess.
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    i may be misinterpreting your post but i'm not sure what your point is. it was wells and his team that missed the texts before their one agreed upon interview and it was wells and his team that refused to give a reason for their request for a second interview. the patriots probably refuse...