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  1. PBDWake

    Gawker and David Geithner

    Well, this one blew up. For those who haven't been following along, last night Gawker posted an extensive piece on David Geithner, brother of former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Among the details in the article are the following: [assume the word allegedly is attached to everything]...
  2. PBDWake

    Real Fantasy NFC North Discussion and Breakdown

    BEARS (MysticMerlin)       LIONS (Dgilpin)       PACKERS (PBDWake)       VIKINGS (SleepyJose03)     Pos. Name PFF Snaps   Name PFF Snaps   Name PFF Snaps   Name PFF Snaps QB Tony Romo  11.0    944     Ryan Tannehill  16.4    1,035     Jay Cutler  13.5    643     EJ Manuel...