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  1. Red(s)HawksFan

    FA WAR, what is it good for

    There is no such thing as signing a pitcher who is guaranteed to not be "broken" at some point during a season, no matter their history or their salary, whether it's Michael Wacha or Marcus Stroman or Max Scherzer or Clayton Kershaw or Eduardo Rodriguez or Jon Gray. That's just to name a...
  2. Red(s)HawksFan

    Expanded September rosters

    It's September 1, and that means the rosters get super-sized. This year is the last in which active rosters can be expanded all the way out to 40. So far, the call ups are Ryan Weber, Hector Velazquez, Travis Lakins, Gorkys Hernandez, Juan Centeno, and Jhoulys Chacin. To make room for the...
  3. Red(s)HawksFan

    Eovaldi to the IL with elbow issue

    It's described as "loose bodies" in his elbow. He had surgery for the same thing last year and missed two months.
  4. Red(s)HawksFan

    Wright popped for PEDs

    That solves one roster issue for a while.
  5. Red(s)HawksFan

    Trade season has begun

    The White Sox have moved Jose Quintana to....the Cubs.
  6. Red(s)HawksFan

    Barnes suspended 4 games for throwing at Machado

    Gordon Edes @GordonEdes Matt Barnes has been suspended four games, has elected to appeal Seems about right. Two for throwing at him intentionally, two more for going at the head (intentionally or not). Probably gets appealed down to two games in the end. If he did it on his own, he's a...
  7. Red(s)HawksFan

    Entercom and CBS Radio merging

    Chad Finn @GlobeChadFinn Entercom and CBS Radio announce merger. Working on what that means for Sports Hub and WEEI. Because of FCC rules, media companies are limited to owning only 5 FM stations per market, so this merger is likely going to be accompanied by selling off or shuttering some of...
  8. Red(s)HawksFan

    Dave Henderson has passed away

    Bob Nightengale@BNightengale Dave Henderson, the gregarious man known as Hendu, died Sunday, one month after getting a kidney transplant. He will be tremendously missed
  9. Red(s)HawksFan

    Mark Buehrle reportedly retiring after today's game   Apparently, he's not expected to make the Jays' postseason rotation, so he's hanging it up after today's game.  He's also going to try to pitch two innings today in order to reach...
  10. Red(s)HawksFan

    Ortiz vs LHP, is it an effect of the shift?

    Found an interesting article on today that looks at David Ortiz's sudden inability to hit LHP this season after experiencing a good success rate against them over the last few years.  The author suggests, based on Statcast data, that perhaps his struggles are a result of trying to hit...
  11. Red(s)HawksFan

    Nava optioned to minors, Wilson recalled   Seems like the simplest move with the best chance of maintaining the roster depth they have.
  12. Red(s)HawksFan

    Schilling to replace Hershiser on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball     I'd seen something about Hershiser being lured by the new Dodgers network...guess he must be headed there if they're making this change on Sunday Night Baseball.