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  1. jacklamabe65

    Great Series on The History of The American Football League

    Yes, it's been out for years, but after the Gino thread, I thought that more of you should at least take a peek at this (to paraphrase The Cooz). An NFL Films Production (oh, the irony), it is well worth the time (four hours-plus). As someone who attended every Patriot home game from 1964-69...
  2. jacklamabe65

    Easiest SmartPhone To Use For a Novice

    Yes, I am 67 years old and have always had a flip phone. I would like a larger phone - not one of these dainty little things - mostly because I don't carry around my reading glasses everywhere. Also, I need something that is for a beginner. Price doesn't really matter. I would also like to use...
  3. jacklamabe65

    The Best Damn 3-21 Little League Team On The Planet!

    Beware of phone calls in the night that wake you up with a start. My air-conditioning was on the blink, it was eighty degrees in my sweltering furnished hovel of an apartment, and I was determined to ride out the misery by sleeping. The rotary phone sitting like a queen on my bedside table...
  4. jacklamabe65

    Tony Conigliaro: The Bell Still Tolls For Thee (An Update, Inspired By Art Martone and Mike F).

    On an arctic March afternoon in 1964 at precisely 3:00 pm, EST, I switched on my cream-colored plastic clock radio preset at 850 on the AM dial. Despite the snow showers that had begun trickling intermittently in greater Boston at that moment, when I heard the baseball-themed jingle on WHDH...
  5. jacklamabe65

    When The Patriots Were The Punch Line - Alternative Title: Be Grateful, You Have No Frigging Idea How Bad They Once Were

    I attended nearly every Boston/New England Patriots game from 1964 until ventured off to college in the autumn of 1973. For nine seasons, I saw the Pats play in four different venues in four different communities within the confines of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Some might say I was a...
  6. jacklamabe65

    714 Homers Behind Hank Aaron

    The Sons of Sam Horn: 35 years ago, I pitched for the Cobham (UK) Yankees in the British Baseball League. On a remote “pitch” overlooking a historic church, our team was playing the London Knights one afternoon when the Commissioner of Baseball, Bowie Kuhn, showed up with his wife. This surreal...
  7. jacklamabe65

    Remembering Jack Lamabe

    Between the ALCS and the WS, I thought I'd share with you a piece I originally wrote some years ago that SoSH member, Jim Walsh, was kind enough to publish in his brilliant Red Sox Annual series. (Thanks as well to member Art Martone who edited the original piece). How wonderful it was to be...
  8. jacklamabe65

    A Last Game of Catch

    Because it is an off-day, I thought I would share this piece I wrote recently when I had the honor as a boy of playing catch with Laughing Larry Doyle, the captain of the 1912 New York Giants (who lost to the Red Sox in the World Series that year). It turned out to be one of those moments where...
  9. jacklamabe65

    Otis Nixon is Missing

    Woodstock Police, GA‏ @WoodstockPD 44m44 minutes ago HELP US LOCATE: Otis Nixon, black male, 58, who was last seen yesterday morning at 10am leaving his residence in a gray 2011 Range Rover.
  10. jacklamabe65

    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    "Gene Shue just gave his Bullets' players an armful of tire irons so that they may attack anything out there in green and white....knowing that Mendy Rudolph will call it 'justifiable homicide!'"
  11. jacklamabe65

    RIP Norm Siebern

     On the Impossible Dream Red Sox of 1967, where he served as an able pinch hitter and utility man. I can still hear Ned Martin bellow, "Norm Siebern - wastes no time as he raps a two-run single between first and second, driving Petrocelli with the go-ahead run!"   God, I loved that team.   Norm...
  12. jacklamabe65

    My Favorite Non-Pedro Red Sox Pitching Performance

    El Tiante, Game 4 of the 1975 World Series. He had NOTHING that evening, but through the bookends of guile and resolve, Luis willed his way to a complete game, 163 pitch victory over the legendary Big Red Machine. This is Exhibit A why it would be hard not to chose Tiant in a one-game playoff in...
  13. jacklamabe65

    FAA Looking Into Drone Use By Pats (and Other NFL Teams)

    In order to film their team's outdoor practices. If it goes beyond their own practices (hee hee), it would be reason number 658 why I love BB! Thinking out of the box - and over the box as...
  14. jacklamabe65

    The New List: The Good Guys Updated

    Jeff Van Gundy   Colin Kapernick:   Joe Posnanski   Please add - we're taking names.
  15. jacklamabe65

    For You Old American Football League Fans

    To the Sons of Bob Dee: This is a link to Showtime’s outstanding history of the American Football League, which first aired four years ago. An absolutely fascinating retrospective, it is the best documentary of the old AFL that I have ever seen. Carve out some time for yourself and enjoy this...
  16. jacklamabe65

    Jean Beliveau - RIP

    Grace and skill are an unlikely combination for a hockey player, and yet that is what Jean Beliveau had. I had the honor of seeing him play in person at the old Boston Garden on many occasions. The B's hardly ever won - particularly in the pre-Orr days. Beliveau was that rare instance of a top...
  17. jacklamabe65

    Win it For Ten Years Later

    At 11:25 on the morning of October 20, 2004, I sat down at my teacher’s desk in Room 7 of the old Upper School Building at The Greenwich (CT) Country Day School and began pounding away on my Dell laptop keyboard, crafting my own particular mojo that – I hoped – would ultimately defeat the MFYs...
  18. jacklamabe65

    KO - Hotter Than A Firecracker

    Another homer for the big guy.  
  19. jacklamabe65

    A Question From a Football/Soccer Novice

    After actually viewing the World Cup matches this summer, I became somewhat intrigued with the sport. Given my longstanding love for the Beatles (and, yes, I saw them perform live at both the Garden and at Suffolk Downs), and given the fact that the Red Sox own Liverpool F.C., I would like to...