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  1. Tangled Up In Red

    "Insert" mode for text entry

    As opposed to overwrite. Only here on SoSH, and I can't figure my way out. I haven't experienced insert mode in over a decade. Is this the beginning (or middle) of my downfall?
  2. Tangled Up In Red

    Embedded Twitter videos not playing

    Recently on Firefox, embedded Twitter videos have stopped playing for me. I click on the play arrow and the whole tweet disappears. I can play embedded youtube vids and can play the twitter videos on Twitter. Any ideas?
  3. Tangled Up In Red

    Football Manager 2020

    This should be cross-posted in the up-down-left... forum, but apparently Football Manager 2020 is free for the next 6 days. As I understand it, this is the premier club management simulation (I don't even know if you actually play games), from training to recruitment to tactics and strategy...
  4. Tangled Up In Red

    Jerry Garcia Day at Fenway

    On behalf of myself and all San Francisco / Grateful Dead / Red Sox fans, I would love to get my hands (and those of my friends, kids, etc) on this shirt give-away in a week and a half: If you're going, get a shirt and willing to sell, I'll happily pay your fair price and shipping. Jerry is a...
  5. Tangled Up In Red

    Cell phone - refurb as replacement (aka bluetooth issues on new Pixel 3)

    I got a new Google Pixel 3 and switched to Project Fi a couple months ago. From a network perspective, it has passed with flying colors - from Maui to San Francisco to Amesbury. Only issue has been periodic bluetooth "stuttering" when I'm walking/listening and the phone is in my pocket. Not an...
  6. Tangled Up In Red

    Nerding Out: Panini World Cup Sticker Book

    OK, so these have been released in the US this year (don't know if they have in years past). Walgreens is chock full of them. The British equivalent of baseball cards, soccer sticker books were the way of my youth. Is anyone else collecting this spring? I'm ready to swap duplicates!