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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    I would like to see Clemens in there as he's been insightful when he has been on as a guest.
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    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    For me, it was definitely Clemens followed by Johnny Damon and Jon Lester. Nomar and Pedro were tough but it made sense why we did not try harder to keep them.
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    Hypothetical: 2018 Red Sox vs 2014 SF Giants

    For further consideration, the last time both the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants played each other in the regular season was 2016. Both teams made the playoffs and were eliminated in the division series so they were both good.. In the four games we played, we won 3-1. Won - 5-3, 4-0...
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    Hypothetical: 2018 Red Sox vs 2014 SF Giants

    I was talking to my Giants fan friend a few days ago about the Red Sox World Series and I was wondering what would have happened if this Red Sox team could have played the 2014 San Francisco Giants in the World Series. Of course the Giants have also won 3 championships within the last 10 years...
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    Cool / Unique 2018 WS Merch

    Here is another Beat LA shirt. I have two Celtics green versions so I'm looking forward to wearing the Red Sox edition
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    Rooting Interests

    I was really young so my memory may not be that good for this era but I thought the A's were far better than the average Red Sox of the 90s and we were not really in a position to compete with them and there was little expectation that we would beat them in the playoffs. We really only had one...