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  1. Couperin47

    9/29 - Ending Adrift

    We have had by all metrics an excellent year, our team has a ton of very talented players, the level of enthusiasm and chemistry is extraordinary, we have a 14 year grizzled vet who's playing with the enthusiasm of a rookie, having his best year ever and rivals Judge for homers this Fall...and...
  2. Couperin47

    9/15 - Let's keep the trend going,

    lose the first, win the rest in each series. Stay as offensively minded as yesterday and make it easy for Montgomery.
  3. Couperin47

    9/14 - We just don't like playing on plastic

    evidently. There was nothing particularly wrong with our pitching last night, missing Sanchez has a distinct effect on our offense I'm afraid.
  4. Couperin47

    8/21 - Past performance is ...

    not indicative of future results. (Two lifetimes ago I spent my time authoring securities for the Amex and Reg A offerings...) Well, they always accuse us of being the corporate Wall Street team and yesterday we were rested, starting our best pitcher and really rolling and.... Anyway, lord only...
  5. Couperin47

    8/11 - Tanaka at Thornton

    How much is Tanaka wearing down ? He's trying major changes to recover effectiveness and if anyone can do this, it will be him, we shall see. Thornton is an even bigger questionmark coming back from injury. Otherwise our pitching has not been bad at all in Toronto and we are, finally, actually...
  6. Couperin47

    7/30 What shall Happinstance have wrought ?

    Last time we met these guys for a quickie 2 game dalliance things did not go well. This time we're at home, had a day of rest and yet it's a total crapshoot whether either of our starters will be good or putrid. Both seem to have no middle ground atm.
  7. Couperin47

    7/28 - Full Swoon

    Normally German vs Sale might be a typical pitcher's duel, but in our current circumstances with added injuries leaving us bereft of power and spark our pitching may well not matter as, lacking any real offense, it simply becomes a matter of when, not if, we fall behind and stay behind. We need...
  8. Couperin47

    7/15 - Snell at Paxton

    These 2 teams should be sick of each other by now, same with these 2 pitchers. Once upon a time teams constantly saw each other this frequently all the time, but there were 3 teams in NYC back then... anyway I want to believe that being at home on real grass and with no unnatural challenges...
  9. Couperin47

    7/14 - All-Star duel: Stroman at Tanaka

    Could easily be a replay of yesterday: can Boone ever learn to take our starter out before we're in trouble ? especially in low score close games. Of course, just because that's likely today will turn out to be a slugging fest....
  10. Couperin47

    6/8 CC vs. Plutko

    1. Brett Gardner (L) LF 2. DJ LeMahieu (R) 1B 3. Aaron Hicks (S) CF 4. Didi Gregorius (L) SS 5. Gleyber Torres (R) 2B 6. Kendrys Morales (S) DH 7. Clint Frazier (R) RF 8. Gio Urshela (R) 3B 9. Austin Romine (R) C Not exactly our power lineup this afternoon...
  11. Couperin47

    5/11 - CC vs. Stanek

    I still have no idea how we managed to win yesterday digging ourselves into hole after hole and then escaping every time, but if we repeat that game plan today, I doubt we will appreciate the outcome this time.
  12. Couperin47

    5/10 - German vs. Glasnow

    A pitching duel of the first order, I hope Domingo isn't as depressed by the dump that is The Trop as I am.
  13. Couperin47

    5/9 - Leake vs. Happ

    Last night our lack of punch was glaringly obvious, plus Loaisiga was ineffective in parts of every inning. Both starters tonight are coming off blah performances, we need the offense to return for this rubber match.
  14. Couperin47

    4/14 - Rodon v. Tanaka

    So we pit Rodon's lifetime 2.77 ERA at The Stadium against Tanaka's lifetime 2.75 ERA against the White Sox. 1. DJ LeMahieu (R) 2B 2. Aaron Judge (R) RF 3. Gleyber Torres (R) SS 4. Luke Voit (R) 1B 5. Clint Frazier (R) DH 6. Brett Gardner (L) CF 7. Gio Urshela (R) 3B 8. Kyle Higashioka (R) C 9...
  15. Couperin47

    4/13 - The return of CC

    Considering how things are going, the portents for today are terrifying. I shall say no more.
  16. Couperin47

    4-2 - Zimmerman v Tanaka

    1. Brett Gardner (L) CF 2. Aaron Judge (R) RF 3. Luke Voit (R) 1B 4. Gleyber Torres (R) SS 5. DJ LeMahieu (R) 3B 6. Mike Tauchman (L) LF 7. Clint Frazier (R) DH 8. Tyler Wade (L) 2B 9. Austin Romine (R) C meanwhile we are already leading all of bodies on the DL. Last year's luck is...
  17. Couperin47

    4-1 - Ross v Germán (eventually ?)

    So we are stumbling into the new season and toying with idea of using Holder or Green as a starter today, but eventually it's supposed to be Germán on the mound for us.
  18. Couperin47

    Throwing in technological towels

    2 unrelated pieces of news that some here may want to comment upon. At an investors meeting on the 29th AT&T stated that they will launch no further satellites and as their existing ones die Direct TV will be exiting the delivery of TV via that medium. It will take years, but they will be gone...
  19. Couperin47

    The Chairman of the Board

    Guess who turned 90 today ? He's now the oldest living Hall of Famer still with us, with the highest winning percentage of any pitcher with at least 200 games since 1900. He and Larson our our last links to that age of glory.
  20. Couperin47

    The New Cold War warms up a bit...with your router

    Today we get far more details about the VPNFilter malware and it's way more serious: My main takeaways, to be instantly corrected by some here who have more knowledge, if...