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  1. jon abbey

    What Will Happen With Gerrit Cole This Winter?

    I'm not sure we've ever seen a FA SP as attractive as Gerrit Cole, the first to come to mind is Randy Johnson, who signed with Arizona and proceeded to win the next four NL Cy Young awards, but he was already 35 then. Max Scherzer was a year older when he hit FA and signed for 7/210 with...
  2. jon abbey

    2019-20 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    Brian McCann said after the Braves lost just now that he is retiring.
  3. jon abbey

    ALCS: NY vs. HOU

    Format is 2/3/2, the series starts on Saturday, either in Houston or if TB somehow steals two more games, in NY. Either way, I think NY will keep the same rotation: Paxton Tanaka Severino Happ (w/Green maybe opening) Paxton Tanaka Severino Also NY advancing means that CC's career might not...
  4. jon abbey

    2019 Rockets: China Hates Us

    Surprised no one was talking about this already, so I thought I might as well start a Rockets thread... As if this team didn't have enough issues trying to integrate the seemingly incompatible Harden and Westbrook, now Daryl Morey's job is actually in danger because of a tweet he made...
  5. jon abbey

    9/28: Stop Getting Hurt

    If Sanchez plays today (would presumably be DH), it will be only the sixth game all season that NY has had all three of Judge, Stanton and Sanchez in the lineup, and three of those were the first series of the year. Severino has thrown nine scoreless innings combined in his first two outings...
  6. jon abbey

    9/27: Look Who's Back

    "Gary Sanchez, Edwin Encarnacion each will return today, Aaron Boone told WFAN yesterday. Sanchez will catch "four or five" innings, Boone said."
  7. jon abbey

    ALDS: NY vs MIN

    I will fix the title if NY catches HOU or CLE catches MIN but I had to share the quick research I just did on the Twins' starters. I knew that the now suspended Pineda had been their best SP in recent months, but wow look at these recent numbers for I think the only four real candidates they...
  8. jon abbey

    Felipe Vazquez Arrested And Charged With Child Solicitation

    "Pittsburgh Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez has been arrested and charged with one count of computer pornography, solicitation of a child and one count of providing obscene material to minors, according to police in Lee County, Florida." View...
  9. jon abbey

    NY's Postseason Pitching Plan

    So Tom Verducci has an SI piece about this today, this is the crucial quote: “We’re going to be a little untraditional,” manager Aaron Boone said. “The only one we might use as a traditional starter is [James] Paxton.”
  10. jon abbey

    9/13: Stop Getting Hurt

    NY finishes the 10 game road trip with three in Toronto, the AL East team who's played them the toughest so far this season (NY is up 8-5 in the season series and went 43-12 against the other three ALE teams with 2 left in TB). First up is Tanaka against Anthony Kay, who the Mets sent to TOR in...
  11. jon abbey

    9/12: Let's Play Two

    So with the rainout today, we've got an old school doubleheader starting at 1 PM, Happ vs. Boyd in game 1 and CC/German vs. Turnbull in game 2. Good off day for NY, not only did they get the day of rest in scenic Detroit, but the Astros, Dodgers, Twins and Rays all lost. NY 95-51 HOU 95-52...
  12. jon abbey

    9/12: Thank You, CC

    In which our wounded again warrior drags what is left of his knee out one more time in an attempt to say goodbye on his own terms. He claims his knee is back to 'manageable' and he is good for 75-80 pitches, I don't believe that but we'll see, I am guessing more like 30-40 tops. NY is backing...
  13. jon abbey

    Looking Towards the MLB Postseason

    Starting this as a place for general observations and discussion about seeding and health and matchups, we never have this kind of thread but especially as someone who doesn't usually follow the NL too much, I feel like I'd learn a lot if people were into it... Michael Pineda's immediate...
  14. jon abbey

    8/18: Clevinger vs. Sabathia

    The final (regular season) meeting of the year between these two teams, the season series is 3-3, so today will decide that. Also today ends the crazy 19 games in 17 days stretch that began with the Sox sweep, NY has gone 15-3 so far in this stretch despite very suspect pitching depth. But...
  15. jon abbey

    8/17: Plesac vs. Paxton

    The Indians have had an amazing run in recent years despite not quite winning it all, and their 2016 draft may have extended their window a few years. Usually if you get one solid player with your post-first round picks, you are doing OK, but in 2016 Cleveland somehow nabbed 3/5 of a young...
  16. jon abbey

    8/16: Civale vs. Tanaka

    Happy to say I missed most of last night's game. but clearly Cleveland veterans had a lot of pent-up frustration about their recent history in Yankee Stadium to get out. In 2017, NY won both ALDS games in NY and then stole game 5 in CLE to knock out what looked like the best team that season. In...
  17. jon abbey

    NY's infield in 2020 and beyond

    No matter how the rest of 2019 goes, Brian Cashman will have a lot of decisions to make this upcoming offseason. How hard he goes after Gerrit Cole may be the main one, but right up there is the imminent free agency of Didi Gregorius. You can make a good case for Didi as an impact player on the...
  18. jon abbey

    August MLB game thread

    Sam Dyson, in his first day as a Twin, came in to close a 4-1 game against the Marlins. All four batters he faced reached, three of them scored, and the Twins ended up losing 5-4 in 12.
  19. jon abbey

    7/26: Big Maple Time

    The low point of this season for NY came in mid-April. The White Sox hammered Masahiro Tanaka to take a series from NY, meaning that within the first 15 games of the year, NY had lost home series to the Orioles, Tigers and White Sox and were a lousy 6-9. Game 16 was pitched by the enigmatic...
  20. jon abbey

    Red Sox Acquire Andrew Cashner

    The Red Sox have acquired righty Andrew Cashner for prospects Elio Prado and Norberth Romero, the Orioles have reported.